8 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Tutor

8 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Tutor

Disclosure: This post was written and is sponsored by Learn After Class.

1) Confidence Leads to Less Stress

Does your child seem more distant or moody than usual? If your children lose confidence in themselves, it is likely that their grades may suffer. The lower their confidence, the lower their grades will fall, and vice versa. Hiring a tutor can help your child find that spark in learning again, relieving the stress of falling behind.

2) Skip Summer School

Nobody wants to spend their summer sitting in a classroom. Plus, summer school can cost anywhere from $100-$1000, not including gas. Use that money and travel time to enjoy the summer, play outside and enjoy the sunshine. Work hard to play hard!

3) One-on-One Learning

Students work better with the right care and attention.

We understand that not all students learn the same way. This is why we cater to your child’s individual needs. When booking, we ask that you to fill out a form, specifying what your child is struggling with. We then match you with a tutor best suited for your child.

We understand that students have different learning capabilities that aren’t necessarily being met in school, especially when they are sitting in a class of 20+ other students. One-on-one sessions help the student grasp the material at his/her pace, while giving them the ability to ask questions without feeling embarrassed.

4) Keeping Up with Homework and Projects

It can be hard to keep up with multiple projects and homework assignments at once, especially if teachers don’t consider that your child may have more than one class they need to submit assignments to.

If they’re already behind, don’t let them fall behind even more. With a tutor, they can stay on top of the workload and not miss a beat in school. Once they hit a good pace in their studies, they can even begin preparing for future material so, when the time comes, they will already be prepared.

5) Review the Material (Study Buddies) for Tests & Exams

A big test or exam coming up may seem like a daunting date looming over the horizon. However, with the help of a tutor, you can space out study sessions to review the material, even finding new ways to cover the information that may work better for your child than that brief review given by the teacher in the classroom.

6) Higher Grades = Better Opportunities

While students are competing for space in colleges and universities, admissions offices are looking for the students who are scoring higher than their peers. The better your child’s grades, the more scholarship opportunities will open up, including Louisiana’s TOPS. Hiring a tutor will help get those grades up, increasing their chances to a brighter future.

7) More You Time!

Spend less time worrying, and helping out your children with their homework. Use that time to take a bath, relax, or work on that project you were really hoping to have finished by now. Moms deserve some “me time” too!

8) 20% Off!

We love discounts! Use code “learn20” to get 20% off your first tutoring session.

Tutoring sessions with Learn After Class are available for every age range; those in school, those going back to school. Just give us a call, and we can find a tutor best suited for you.

Written by Husband and Wife team, Joshua and Rocío.

Joshua and Rocío are both alumni from Loyola University of New Orleans. They both had different majors, but met by mutual friends, and discovered that they make a great team. Five years later this International Business and Graphic Design major decided join forces and create their very own tutoring company, Learn After Class. They believe Louisiana has always lacked in the education department, and want to help students reach their full potential, with a little help. When they are not working, you will more than likely find Josh playing video games, and Rocío cozying up in a corner reading a book. They like to spend their free time together finding new places to eat, or going on small road trips.


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