5 Reasons Why You Should Be Playing Pokémon Go With Your Kids

About a week ago, the Pokémon Go was released in the US, and as little avid gamers, my 6 and 8 year old boys were ready to play. My husband and I are tech-savvy and well-versed in security precautions and after some research, we downloaded the apps onto our devices, signed in with our newly-created Google accounts and began to play. It didn’t take long before we were walking miles around our neighborhood, catching Pokémon and hitting up every Pokéstop!

Family Time

I don’t know about you, but my boys are getting to an age where they want to do more on their own. It isn’t as fun to hang with Mommy as it used to be and Pokémon Go has really changed that. We are spending lots of time outside, chatting, catching Pokémon and adventuring through the neighborhood for hours. Last weekend we attended Pokémon Go events at City Park and Breaux Mart and had a blast as a familytarad

Sharing Interests

My boys love that we are sharing interest in something they are passionate about. I try to show enthusiasm for Minecraft and Legos, but I just can’t muster the same level of excitement (or patience). Not only are my kids thrilled that they can discuss the evolution of a Doduo, I’m thrilled because I’m no longer completely lost when they talk about these things.


The second day we downloaded the game, we walked FIFTEEN miles together without complaint. My kids love to run and play, but many times it’s hard to get them motivated to go for a walk or a bike ride in the NOLA summer heat. Pokémon Go has inspired all of us to get up and go for a walk, every single day, sometimes multiple times a day. My calves are aching; I’m tired. Yet we are all always ready to go Poké-hunting. Sidenote :: our dog has never had so many walks. We are all much more active as a result of this game!


Playing with them involves me in their online activity, gives me access to their accounts, helps me understand the games they play – all of which allow me to monitor what they do and how they engage. I feel like I am an active participant in their gaming and find that they share more with me when I know the language.


It’s just plain fun. I don’t typically play games on my phone; I’ve always said “I don’t have time for that,” but this is a welcome distraction to my world. It’s an absolute blast and I find myself logging in to see if there any Pokémon around whether or not the kids are with me. It’s exciting, rewarding and a not-so-serious way to spend as little or as much time as you can spare.

So feel free to do some research, spend more time with your kids being active and GO CATCH ‘EM ALL!


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