Where NOLA Babies Come From

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Where NOLA Babies Come From

Generations of New Orleanians all know the phrase, “Touro…where babies come from”. In my case, this couldn’t be truer. Both of my boys were born at Touro, both unforgettable and amazing experiences.

Two Pregnancies, Two Different Experiences

Both of my pregnancies were pleasant and status quo. I actually enjoyed being pregnant and for the most part, everything was great. My first born, however, came flying into this world two weeks ahead of schedule and left me in mad dash to make it to the hospital on time. My labor progressed quickly and by the time I arrived to Labor and Delivery, I was 8 centimeters. My nurse understood I wanted anesthesia and moved quickly to call in the anesthesiologist. I received a spinal, as I was too late for an epidural, but oh so thankful they were able to make it happen. My nurse, Yvette, was my Rockstar that day. I will never forget how helpful and calming she was. She held my hand, helped me learn to breathe properly (I didn’t take Lamaze because I never intended to go 8 cm without meds!) and was such a calming presence. Once Dr. Von Almen arrived, he barely had time for his coffee. A few pushes later, I delivered a 5 lb. 14oz baby boy. His breathing was a bit labored and he had to go to the nursery for some time but my entire L&D team helped me to feel calm, well taken care of and at ease about the whole situation. Recovery there was just as helpful, from the lactation team to my nurses, they were instrumental to me.

What is birth like at Touro in New Orleans?

When I became pregnant with my second son, although my last OB-GYN had retired from obstetrics, I knew I wanted to remain in the Touro family. Multiple friends highly recommended Dr. Dutreil and they couldn’t have given better advice. He made the transition to a new physician seamless. He listened to my whole babbling story about my first delivery, my hopes for this pregnancy and birth, and provided the best care I could have asked for. Unless he’s out of town, he makes every effort to deliver all his patient’s babies, which I loved. My son was breach, so I was facing a c-section. Something I didn’t want and was so afraid of, but Dr. Dutreil made me feel so at ease. He talked me through it, explained what I could expect and made me feel included in the decision-making process.

When it came time to deliver, I went to the hospital as soon as I felt contractions, so as not to end up in a situation like before. Dr. Dutreil arrived soon after I did, and reassured me as they began prep for the c section. He talked to me when I got nervous, and my anesthesia provider did a wonderful job keeping me comfortable. The recovery time at Touro was so helpful, wonderful nurses and lactation again. I truly couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

Every time we head to a pediatrician visit at Hales Pediatrics, I point at the hospital and tell my boys where they were born. Touro, where babies come from.

Ahead of the 100 year anniversary of delivering babies at Touro, happening in 2022, they are putting out a call for New Orleanians born at Touro. Would you like to share your birth story? If so, you can submit it HERE.

Touro Infirmary 100 Years of Delivering Babies



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