When the Magic of Christmas Littles is Gone

unnamed (2)When the Magic of Christmas Littles is Gone

I am a mom of 3 – two teens and a toddler – so when a friend posted on her Facebook the other day,“I just want to buy something American Girl or Lego,” I knew just how she felt.

Before Little Man, I remember the Christmas I didn’t have to buy anything Littlest Pet Shop. I cried. Even after the girls knew the truth about Santa, they would still play with Littlest Pet Shop. We have HUNDREDS of them around the house. All of a sudden, they were off the list. The lists changed.

unnamed (1)It was a hard day for this mom. That was the year Santa stopped leaving his snowy footprints throughout the house, when we didn’t go all out with the Christmas lights. It became Big Kid Christmas. Big Kid Christmas has its perks, don’t get me wrong. It gets easier … more expensive, but easier. There are no mad trips to the mall to make sure you get the Santa picture or waiting in line to get THAT GIFT.

It’s also a time to start new traditions. We started the Christmas Eve Jammies – for everyone. Building gingerbread houses no longer requires a complete and thorough scrub job of the kitchen (How did icing get there?), and my girls started their own tradition by declaring a truce, snuggling up together and watching The Polar Express in my bed on Christmas Eve.christmas littles featured

Now we have Little Man. This is his first Christmas that he actually knows what’s going on. So, you guessed it, we are decking the halls and every nook and cranny for his enjoyment. We are awaiting Santa’s footsteps and thanks to NOMB Donuts with Santa, we will have our Santa pic this year. While I won’t be buying any Littlest Pet Shop, I will be buying action figures and treasuring these little moments.

Dear Moms of Littles,
In the haze of Toys R Us Lines, breakfasts with Santas, and buying special “Santa” wrapping paper, just hold on! In times like these, it’s hard to remember that it only lasts until they are about 8 or 9! So, if they only “get” Santa at about 3, that’s only 6 years! 6 years to watch their faces light up Christmas morning when they see Santa’s footprints, or when you turn the Christmas lights on every single night, it’s like the first time they’ve seen it. It really is a magical time of year for your kids. Don’t get so wrapped up in all the “Have Tos” that you miss these moments. I know the cliche is that it goes too fast, but take it from me: before I know it, there will be no action figures on his list, but I’m keeping Santa’s footprints this time.

About Celeste

celesteCeleste Haar, the Metrychick, is a wife and mom of 3 (two teens and a toddler) and co-owner of NOLA Made Chicks. Born and bred in her beloved Metairie, she still living and loving there. When you can’t find her at the mall or at Crossfit Roux, check with her kids since they have her heart.


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