When Did Being Like Your Mother Get a Bad Connotation? {Mother’s Day Giveaway}


I knew my personality was like my mom when my dad would tell college-era stories about my mom, especially the one where she picked up an unneeded math course so courtney.momshe could take a class with my dad. The best part of the story was when the too-large class was to be divided in half and all the students were told to count off. My mom, sitting next to my dad, was a 1, but when the 2s were told to leave, she left too! My husband would say that I was equally “goal oriented” in our dating relationship!

I knew my tendencies were like my mom when the detailed, color coded, watching-my-child charts I made for her looked eerily similar to the pages-long-notes she used to leave for my grandmother.

I knew my biology was like my mom when my second labor from start to finish was less than 3 hours.

And I knew my heart was like my mom’s when I recognized how she must have felt for me and my siblings as I have learned what it means to be a mother to my own children.


I knew I was like my mother when … I found myself sipping a glass of red wine while perusing through my Food & Wine magazine. Since I am an only child, fancy cooking and expanding her wine repertoire became my mom’s way to fill empty nest syndrome when I went off to LSU. I say it was empty nest, maybe she was celebrating…haha! I know I wasn’t the easiest kid. Now that I am back in Nola, I love when she decides to cook Coq au Vin on a random Tuesday and send me home with a hot meal. SCAN0403I still appreciate free meals as if I am a broke college student and it’s a great bonus when they’re fancy. On the same note, since I can afford more than Boone’s Farm now, I tap into her knowledge of wine before venturing to World Market. She’s still a better cook than I am, but I’m grateful that she taught me how. I learned the happiness that comes from a homemade pasta sauce versus a jar, and that it doesn’t take hours over the stove to feed my family a home cooked meal. All the variety of foods has been great for my two year old son, too. He recently refused a PB&J sandwich but happily ate Tuscan beans and kale that she cooked.  Maybe becoming our mothers isn’t so bad after all. She cares for my son three days a week, cares for my dad, keeps up the house and still manages to feed the family a damn good meal. If I am like my mother, then I’m doing pretty awesome.


I will fully admit that I could not be a mom without the help and guidance of my mom. I talk to her daily, not in the I can’t function without my mommy kind of way. But in the way that she is my strength, encouragement and guidance that I am doing a semi-OK job of hopefully not making my child dysfunctional. My mom gets all the phone calls to help triage illnesses, injuries and insanity of life with a toddler. After all, she has more experience than I do. I seem to be a functional adult, so she even has proof that she can offer advice. Not only is she there at any given minute of the day to answer my questions, she is always on standby for babysitting services when laws of scheduling have my hubby and I at two opposite ends of the city at the same time.

My and my mom circa 1983.I know she enjoys the time with her granddaughter, but I appreciate having her there as an invaluable resource.

Last year, we had a cancer scare that could have very easily gone the other way, but it didn’t, and my mom is here and now cancer free. There is not a day that goes by that I am not truly blessed to have her in my life. It is a reality check that hits you hard when you have to even think about the possibility of not having your mom in your life.

There is something that is so irreplaceable about a mom. I know that she is there for me no matter what the situation or time of day. My relationship with her has evolved over the years as I have grown and matured. There is that special bond where the line between caregiver and friend greys as you get older.

I hope that I can be like my mom in the way that I mother. I would consider that a success. I had a great childhood filled with wonderful memories that I hope my daughter has to look back on one day.

This mother’s day is a celebration of not only her being my mom, but her being here to celebrate with me. I hope for my daughter that I can be like my mom, because that is not a bad thing in my eyes. I hope I parent her while she is young, support her while she grows, cheer her on while she learns to stand on her own two feet and friend her when she is an adult all while loving her unconditionally just like my mom has. Happy Mother’s Day Mom!


IMG_1646Growing up, I was extremely blessed to have a pretty good relationship with my mom. Of course, we argued, that’s a given, but I never felt a need to hide anything from her. While at times I thought she was a bit overprotective, looking back now, I can see that she only had my best interest at heart. She repeatedly put our wants and needs before her own while we were growing up, and she sacrificed more than we will ever know to give us an amazing childhood, all with a constant smile on her face. I pray that I am able to instill honest morals and values in Addison with the strength to go after her hopes and dreams, like my mom did for us. When I think about ways I’ve turned into my mom, I only hope and pray that I will be just like her, though those are some pretty big shoes to fill.


My mom and I have a lot more than just dark hair in common. Whether it’s our love for singing Neil Diamond’s “Forever in Blue Jeans” as a lullaby or writing our grocery list in a special order, we are very much alike. For the longest time, I thought it was only our love for similar scan0002hobbies that made us similar, but once I became a mother, I immediately realized that it was our strong will that really brings us together. For the longest time, that strong will was what often brought about disagreements and some tears, but now I realize that strong will of hers is what helped to shape me into the person I am today. For most of my childhood (ok, let’s be honest, for all of my childhood) I was a feisty little stinker. I certainly gave my mom a hard time growing up and she had a ton of grace and patience with me, even when I did not deserve it. My mom has always put us first and I can only hope that as I grow as a mother, I can become as patient, loving and graceful as she has been for me over the last thirty six years.


One of the things I love most about my mom is that she has always encouraged and supported me when there was something I had my heart set on.

8671564983_119196cf0f_cWhen I was in sixth grade, my science teacher told me about this school that she thought I’d be a great fit for. It was called the Louisiana School for Math, Science, and the Arts, and it was a boarding school in north Louisiana. At that point in my life, I was certain I was going to be a scientist. Probably a microbiologist. I was one of the few twelve year olds who squealed when opening a gift and finding The Lives of a Cell inside.

LSMSA was only for 11th and 12th grade, though, so I had a while to wait before I could apply, but when that day came, my mom was nothing but supportive. I was fifteen when I applied, and sixteen when I went off to live in a dorm four hours away from home.

Before I had kids, I wanted nothing more than for my offspring to follow in my footsteps and attend my alma mater. But now I think of my little boys leaving me in a short ten years, and I get sad just imagining it. There’s no way I could let them go!

But my mom put my desires first, and never let me see how sad she was to see me go. She sent me postcards, care packages, and letters, and she and my dad would drive up to visit whenever they could.

Now that I’m a mom, I am beginning to truly appreciate what she did for me, the gift she gave me. And now I must give that gift of support and encouragement to my own sons.


I realized I was my mother on the eve of my daughter’s first birthday. Balloons? Check. Cupcakes? Check. Piñata? Check. Everything had to be perfect, just as my mother 130428 Mother's Day Post 2would strive for the eve of every party. She was, and still is, the Latin version of Martha Stewart. Just like my mother, I whipped up not one, but two, gourmet cupcake recipes. Buying a piñata from the store was not an option. How was I supposed to find THE perfect three foot strawberry piñata with pull strings fit enough to ring in my little one’s first birthday? Perhaps I was spoiled making my own with the help of YouTube, as my mother would get inspired at the store, then dig around the garage and like MacGyver create one from an old box and left over holiday tissue paper. I also stayed up late into the night, like my mother often did, finding the perfect strawberries to slice to decorate the snowy white cream cheese top of each cupcake the following morning.  My sisters and I are lucky to have a mother who always sought to provide us the perfect birthday memories. Happy Mother’s Day Mamá!


383038_10151571454489427_1151275848_nI knew I was like my mother … the moment I looked into Jane’s eyes. It was in that moment that I understood total and complete unconditional love. It was the kind of love that my own mother has surrounded me with my entire life. I had never before been as grateful for her than I was the moment I met Jane. Because, I finally understood what the love of a mother was like. I want to thank her for loving me endlessly and tirelessly. She is the mother I will always aim to be.



I knew I was like my mother when … I became a wife and mother and started cooking! 263It’s funny, my whole life was about making good grades, doing tons of extracurricular activities, and doing everything I had to do to get scholarships to go to college. I got a Bachelor’s Degree and had 21 hours towards a Master’s Degree. I was well on my way to meeting all of my career goals with nothing but my education and career driving and motivating me. Then, I met a wonderful guy named Greg, and my values and priorities in my life changed. I got married, took a HUGE paycut to go back to school at night, and became a teacher. Then we got pregnant, had Nathaniel, and my desires and priorities shifted once again. Now, I am a full-time mom, who cooks and cleans and takes care of my house and my husband, just like my mother did for most of my childhood. Some of my best childhood memories with my mom are of us cooking/baking together in the kitchen, and now I’m cooking and baking in the kitchen (something I NEVER thought I’d be doing)! She was by my side at my baby shower and the birth of Nathaniel, and I am forever grateful for that. I will carry these special moments with her in my heart always.


I’ve always known I was like my mom in many, many ways. My love of entertaining, wine, a cohesive party theme, well-written thank you notes and a clean and organized photo-8home are absolutely inherited from her. But the day I really knew I was like my mother was when my husband started questioning my “stockpile.” What stockpile, you ask? Well, the stockpile of extra everything that I keep, from toothpaste to shampoo to toilet paper to birthday cards to our favorite cinnamon rolls. It’s super easy to make fun of this, as I realize it’s possible to run to Rite Aid or Whole Foods at any given moment in time. However, what I now realize is that my mom’s ability to be prepared for every possibility and think of every detail was done out of love. We made fun of it growing up, but I have to say that it was nice to always have our favorite cereals, snacks and household items on hand. Maybe this is a learned trait, or maybe it’s genetic. Either way, I truly appreciate having grown up with a mom who made sure our birthday cakes always had candles, our bathrooms always had clean towels, our sleepover guests always had toothbrushes if they forgot one and that the details were never missed. Even to this day, she makes sure that her kitchen is always stocked with what she knows we like, and I have to laugh at the stockpile of GoGo Squeez and animal crackers she now has on hand for Thatcher. I am quite certain my children will laugh at the fact that we have extra everything in our house, but hey – they’ll never be without their favorite pasta sauce, salsa or shampoo!


96153a44af5111e2af2c22000a9e510c_7My mom was born to be a mother. There are lots of great moms out there but my mom performed her role with a zeal and zest that most can only strive for. I’m sad to say that I didn’t always appreciate all of her hard work and sacrifice as a child. My mom laughs about the time she found out that I was trading my carefully crafted handmade sandwich at school everyday for a bag of chips but I can’t imagine how frustrating that must have been for her! I won’t even get into what kind of appreciation (or lack there of) my teen years brought. My college years, although more appreciative, were spent trying to learn, grow, and evolve as a person. To my surprise my biggest evolution was yet to occur- my own entrance into motherhood. I now appreciate my mother for every minute, every second, every thought, and every bit of effort she put into raising me. My greatest goal now is to be the kind of mother that my mom was.


Trish & Mom College GraduationMy mother is truly the most beautiful, loving, giving, kind-hearted person I know. I have always wanted to be just like her ever since I was a little girl. As the oldest of four children, most of my fondest childhood memories revolve around the simplest things – baking in the kitchen, playing in the back yard, helping teach the little kids how to crawl, walk, ride bikes, and long walks on the beach. My mother always told me when I was born that she and I just completely understood each other, and we were instant best friends. Now as a mother to my own daughter, it is such a special feeling being so connected to my  mom, and especially seeing her as a first time Grandmother with Stella. Later this month we will be celebrating Stella’s first birthday together, and we plan on doing some of our favorite traditions from all of these years…baking her cake together (with plenty of pink frosting,) celebrating with a beautiful meal, and cherishing these memories together. I am so grateful for my mother who continues to teach me so much about love and life, but especially about being appreciative of all of the little things.


If you ask my husband, he will tell you I’m JUST like my mother from the way I keep my laundry room (messy) to the way I keep my car (really messy). Until I had kids of my own, I never realized how much I was really like her until bits and pieces of my childhood memories started to resurface as I parented my children. I have to chuckle because just a few weeks back, my kids were eating ice cream cones, and I ate a huge bite off both the tops of the cones and licked the sides to keep it from dripping all while they gave me a mad face. When I looked at their mad little faces, in an instant, I realized I had become my mother. I consider it a compliment now to be compared to her. She has always loved me and my siblings unconditionally and still continues to put our needs above hers, and now she does the same for her eight grandchildren. I’m sad that it took me becoming a mother to truly appreciate how much she really sacrificed to make us happy. She is the glue that held our family together, and I hope that when she looks at me, it brings a smile to her face and warmth to her heart to see I am just like her and happy to be a stay at home mom raising the loves of my life.

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  1. I knew I was like my mother when I started turning the TV off everytiime my husband turned it on for my daughter! there’s too much to do and see in the world to become a couch zombie!

  2. I’m the total opposite of my mom! 🙂 But she was a good mom. My friends used to look forward to the birthday parties she would throw for me, a different theme e dry year and always a treasure hunt. Grateful for her!

  3. I knew I was just like my mother the day that I started really enjoying cooking. We always had well balanced dinners that my mom would generally spend the day preparing. For a while, I did the whole frozen chicken nuggets and Mac n Cheese thing. But once I discovered that I could not only cook, but that I derived a great deal of pride from watching my family devour the fruits of my labor, I knew we were of the same cloth!


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