Ugh, Maternity Clothes! The Daily Drama of Getting Dressed

If you see a baby bump, then stick a bow on it. That may be the next Beyonce song after Put a Ring on It. I am pretty sure that 90% of all maternity clothes break every rule that the fashion police ever created. I mean, is there some strange phenomenon that when you get pregnant, you lose your identity in clothing? If that is the case, then that must have missed me. I am trying to avoid any maternity clothes that have belts and bows, which pretty much means all of them. Oh, and don’t get me started on horizontal stripes for maternity clothes.

Like how does a ribbon belt that hit right under the boobs look flattering on anyone? First off, your boobs are giant when you are pregnant so what an excellent way to accentuate that. And, how on Earth are you supposed to tie the belt in the back on your own? Your circumference is expanding daily!clothes FINAL

I haven’t been able to find maternity clothes that just look like clothes I would wear while not pregnant that aren’t too expensive. I have no problem spending money on regular clothes. I usually keep my clothes for a while, and I know that spending a little more for quality upfront means a better product.

But with maternity clothes, I struggle to buy them. Maternity clothes are disposable in my eyes. You are wearing them only for a set period of time so they don’t need to be pricy or last forever. Another reason they are disposable is that your style and taste changes over time. I have a box of maternity clothes from my first pregnancy with several items that I would not dream of wearing this time. They just don’t work for me four years later.

So here I am, six months pregnant, and I own two pairs of shorts, two dresses, two shirts and one pair of pants. And I just figured out the flowy regular shirts that I was still fitting into don’t fit as of this weekend. So pretty much, I can’t make it through the week with out washing, and I have nothing to wear. I am sick of putting the same things on, and my husband is sick of seeing me in them. It is so bad that my husband is pushing me to go buy maternity clothes, but I can’t find anything to buy! Insert pregnancy hormones, and you have a recipe for a large “I don’t have anything to wear” meltdown.

Also, there are several types of clothing that moms need from work to weekend, and if you bought just the staples for the multiple categories, you would have already invest way too much for just the couple of months that you need them. So now we are back to the “I don’t have anything to wear” problem that is a daily occurrence in our household.

And when you are feeling frumpy and want to run to the store to grab something to wear that night, you are in trouble because maternity sections are like two entire racks at most stores with one of those racks being work out clothes. Ugh!

Yes, I know that maternity clothes have come a long way from the Mumu dresses that our moms wore, but they still have a long way to go.

Where do you shop for your maternity clothes?


  1. Yeah, try being plus sized and pregnant. While you may not LIKE what Target has to offer, at least you can find something to clothe your body with. And they put bows and belts on everything to make it adjustable since your size will vary greatly from the time of purchase.

  2. I hear you! I do like that you can pretty much buy your normal size at Gap Maternity and be assured maternity pants that will fit. That’s where I’ve bought all my maternity bottoms because I’m tall and normally buy a long and the typical maternity pants at Destination Maternity, etc. are too short.

    I also love how generous other moms can be and the sharing that sometimes happens with maternity clothes. I shared with my sister and she returned the favor with things that are new to me (and way more stylish – yeah!) She had her baby last year so that helps me since some of my maternity clothes date back to 2009!

  3. When I was pregnant I just bought a whole bunch of tank tops from Old Navy. I never usually shop there because all of their clothes fall apart, but i never had that problem with maternity clothes.

  4. Story of my life! My work clothes are workout gear but I haven’t been able to find much that I love, and regular day to day clothes are either $40 for a jersey dress (which I don’t usually and probably wouldn’t spend), horizontal stripes on everything, floral patterns that aren’t quite pretty, and the dreaded “tent” phenomenon that I can’t imagine looks good on anyone. Certainly not a former curvy girl who has to wear tight on the top for risk of looking like I’m pregnant from head to toe instead of just in my belly. I love this article!! You get me completely!!


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