The birth story of my family blog and why I’ve continued it

The birth story of my family blog goes something like this:Living in Hawaii

As our family started to become just that, a family – with growing, changing members, we wanted to somehow capture all the seasons. During Jack’s early years, we took turns writing in a little book, mainly at the “month marks.” I don’t know about you, but there is something frustrating about trying to get your hand to keep up with your brain. I had so much to say, but I didn’t have the patience to get it all down on paper.

Pregnancy BlogsWhen I started blogging while pregnant with Cora, I would never have believed I’d keep it up. But being pregnant gave great impetus to write because I was excited to reach and celebrate each weekly milestone. By the time Cora was born, I’d gotten in the habit of writing weekly. My blog is now where I capture monthly milestones, share our life in pictures, and is my forum for writing about the things on my mind. It has yet to feel like a “have to” and is very much a fun hobby for me.

What’s worked for me is writing one post a week, usually on the weekends. At first this centered around my pregnancy and now has evolved to once a month posts on what Cora is up to. Filling the other three weeks of the month hasn’t been hard. I’ve chronicled a day in our life, written about trips or other big events, and sometimes just shared photos when the week has been really busy.

I enjoy reading other blogs, mainly those of friends. It’s fun to watch kids progress, and it’s a way to stay connected with friends in other places. With even this limited view into the blog world, I can tell my own site could definitely be updated, but graphic design isn’t something I know all that much about. For now, I’m just happy to know that in the future I’ll have a weekly lens into what our life was like during this period. And so will Jack and Cora!Family Blogs

What about you? Do you blog? Do you follow other blogs?  Which ones?



  1. I clearly love blogging, but with NOMB, my personal blog has taken a BIG backseat. It is on my list for this long weekend to “catch up” before I forget. I also have ambitions of publishing my blog into a book for us (through Blurb or Shutterfly). I need to look into it more, but that was why I started blogging, to chronicle my pregnancy with Thatcher and other milestones. I miss it!

  2. Am in awe of you bloggers and wish I had the diligence (and working computer LOL) to keep up with the one I started when Estella was born. The last post is from NYE when she was ONE! Keep blogging and posting! I love your thoughts, ideas, and family anticdotes!

  3. I never knew you lived in Seattle, one of my good friends lives there! My personal blog has also taken a big backseat, I haven’t posted since the fall. Thanks for this post, it reminded me to get after it 🙂


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