Surprise! You’re Pregnant! Even Though Fertility Struggles Suggest You “Shouldn’t” Be…

unplannedSometimes life throws you a curveball. Between the kids, husband, work, home, trying to go to crossfit, and also fitting in time for fun, you tend to lose track of things. This happened recently to me. I mean after having many doctors tell me that I would never have children on my own, why would I keep track of my cycles? Oh … because I might actually ovulate. And get pregnant. With a completely unexpected third child. I feel like such a fraud because I just wrote a post about infertility! And here I sit, pregnant.

I can still remember my high risk doctor say to me, “You know my fertility patients are my best return customers, right?” I laughed at him and said, “Nah. That will never happen to me.” When I saw his wife (my regular ob) for my first appointment, she said her husband sends his congratulations and pretty much said, “told ya so.” So here I begin this crazy journey of baby 3. I really thought all the days of morning sickness, exhaustion and maternity clothes were behind me.

After #2 arrived, I thought I was so done with babies. I gave away all my maternity clothes. As soon as she was done with a piece of baby gear, I found a willing person to take it because I just wanted it all out of my house. I gave away all my baby clothes. I drive a Prius because it was the perfect size for my family of 4. We have 3 bedrooms in our house, which gave each child their own room. There are so many things we now need to rethink!

My first two times around, I really wanted girls. I wanted sisters because it was something I never had and always wanted. But now, since number 3 is a surprise, I’m up for anything. Given my designation of, “advanced maternal age,” (aka old) we will have early genetic testing done and will find out if I’m having a boy or girl by 11 weeks. Part of me hopes that it’s another girl because I already know what to do. But, at the same time, I really don’t care that much if I have a boy or girl. I’m still in shock over it all and will just go by what I tell my girls, “You get what you get, and you don’t get upset.”

I was sure when I went in for my first appointment that my doctor was going to tell me I was just crazy and totally not pregnant at all. Even though I knew I was. She did a bunch of blood work early on to confirm it all. And confirm it did. I’ve felt sick, exhausted and awful. I swore all of this was just my mind playing tricks. So when she did the ultrasound and showed me one little baby with a perfect heart beat, I said, “Oh look. There really is a baby.” My doctor just laughed. She could tell I was still not sure of it all. And I’m still not sure of it all, but I’m embracing this miracle. But I do know: I will heed my doctor’s warning next time. I don’t think I could handle a surprise #4!

Any other surprise pregnancies out there? How did you react?


  1. That is such wonderful but stress-inducing news! Congratulations! (I have a white drop side crib I’m trying to re-home.)

  2. Congrats to y’all! We just decided to go for #3, so maybe won’t be far behind you. It’s been a tough decision!

  3. Congratulations! This is exactly my situation as well. IVF to conceive our twins and then surprise baby girl 21 months later!

  4. Welcome to the club! My little surprise is about to turn six months. I thought that being on birth control would, you know, prevent pregnancies. Well, as my doctor explained to me when I showed up at his office in disbelief, “Well, someone has to be that 1%.” He told me I was just lucky and while it took me a little bit to accept that, looking at my beautiful THIRD little boy, I truly am.
    Best wishes on a healthy pregnancy!

  5. My first two children were conceived thanks to the talented doctors of the Fertility Institute of New Orleans 2 years apart. In Jan of this year, we went back to start cycling for #3 and the first Bloodwork and Ultrasound revealed we’d been blessed with a Christmas miracle! We were more prepared for 3 since obviously that’s why we had returned to FINO, but the fact we conceived naturally still shocks me to this day. I always heard about people who conceived naturally after doing ferility treatments and would pray to be one of them. But when it actually happened I was in disbelief.


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