Single Kid, Double Cart: Don’t Do It

Final ImageI hesitate to write this post because I know it will annoy some people, but I have a serious pet peeve. You know those race car carts at Whole Foods? The only ones in the store that have seating for 2 children? When I see you put your 1 child in the double cart, it enrages me and makes me think that you are selfish. I have three children who range in age from 5 to 7 months. I have many days where I have to take them all of them to Whole Foods for groceries alone. Most times, there is a double cart available, which makes my shopping trip just a tad bit easier. There are days, though, when there is 1 double cart left, and as I am hustling all 3 kids to grab it, a person with a single child casually walks over and takes it despite seeing me struggle towards it. Situations like that make me see red.

When there are no double carts, it means that I have to put two kids in the basket of a regular cart and somehow find room to put the groceries in as well without the bananas getting squished. It also means I have to constantly police the kids from opening up all the food and eating it since it’s literally in their laps. And because the kids are in close quarters in a regular cart, it means the likelihood of a fight increases 435%.

I understand the argument that you don’t want to “deprive” your precious child of the “fun” double race car cart. Here is what I say, though: “This is not a ride at Disney World.” The race car grocery cart has a function, and that function is to hold TWO children while the parent shops. Furthermore, have you ever pushed that gigantic cart through Whole Foods? If I only had one child with me, there is no way we would be using that beast of a cart for logistics and bulkiness alone.

Shopping with three kids is hard; I basically look like a traveling circus, and I’m okay with that. But the double cart is one of the things that makes my shopping trip just a little more manageable. I wish the double carts at Whole Foods were like the ones at Costco – no frills with a focus on functionality – but they are not.

Single children go in single carts. Save the double cart for families that have two or more children.


  1. I think your beef is really with Whole Foods. It seems like you could probably call Customer Service and explain your situation and have them reserve a Race Car Double Cart for you in advance of your shopping trip. Other than that, the double wheel “fun” shopping carts should be first come first serve. If you’ve got 3 kids in tow….my bet is you aren’t going to be standing in the beauty aisle testing their organic and politically correct make up lines. That being said you’ve probably got to plan and strategize your visit to the WF more than most, so taking that extra step to reserve a cart should help you to not get peeved about other parents using the cart.

  2. Without even looking at your list of previous posts, I knew you must have been the writer who complained about a stranger disciplining their child. Legitimate question: do you hear how you sound? Next time one of your children whines about something, listen to what they are whining about and then come back and read this post or that one I mentioned. I think you will find they are not all that different. The difference is: you are an adult. Grow up and stop being so incredibly entitled and self-involved. Teach your children to love others and put other people’s needs and feelings over their own through your own example. I understand that these are blog posts and not your entire life. You will probably be offended and laugh that I am giving you parenting advice via the internet on how “you are such an awful mom and person” and “I don’t know your life” and “she must think she’s a perfect mom.” So, in that case, carry on. Keep on believing that I am internet mommy troll who doesn’t have a life and doesn’t know what you go through. I just hope any tiny piece of this stays in your mind and encourages you to focus on more important things than getting angry at someone who has no idea they took the cart you so whole-heartedly believe you are entitled to using. Also, your children have legs. Teach them to stay by you or come back when you tell them to do so. I believe in you!

  3. “The cart has a function, and that function is to hold TWO children while the parent shops”.
    Huh? I’m sorry, but you are wrong… The function of the cart is to hold UP TO TWO children.

    I have a 2 and a 3 y/o and we use the cart when it’s available. When it is not, my 2 kids know that they need to use the single cart, and they understand and behave… If they don’t it’s not the mom with 1 kid’s problem, it is MY problem.

    • Amen!! My singleton loves riding in these carts, but if it’s not available we adjust and move on with our shopping trip. We’ve taught her that she can’t throw a fit over this and I am fully capable of shopping without it too. If it’s there–hip hip hooray!

  4. I have three children… Three kids under three… Yes the car carts make life easier but I also have taught my three year old she can walk of needed. Does it make the shopping trip much longer?? YES! If you see a person with multiple kids try to be considerate. If my kids has a tantrum I let them! My life does not stop because they are unhappy. Do other people stare, yup and they can stare all they want I need to buy food to feed my family and there are not enough double carts. Life can go on!

  5. Hey we have all been there! I have even tried to shop with a toddler and preschooler while I was on a foot scooter and it did not end well but guess what we have to make the best of it. It can be any number of things that could make a shopping trip with kids go horribly wrong. Hungry, tired, busy, & just because I want to see my mom lose it seem to top the list of reasons for us. This doesn’t need to be a lesson in consideration for the other parent who should have offered you the cart. They were probably wrapped up in their day too. This needs to be a lesson for you “wishes or weeds”. I use that phrase because I keep reminding my kids to stop feeding the weeds and looking at the negative. Shout out to Facing West they have a song Wishes or Weeds;)
    Are you annoyed when you go to the bathroom and a mom with one kids used the handicap stall before the restroom had a line? A little throw back “don’t hate the playa hate the game.” I can apply to so many situations and this being one! The stores only have 3 maybe 4 of those awesome car buggies. Why don’t you get made at them for not having more available for families? Why get mad at other moms who just like you are struggling to get through their day the best they can? You don’t know their situation and frankly it shouldn’t matter. Those carts don’t have a cue like Disney with pairs to the left and to the right a sign that reads “Single rider line only.” Nope. They are first come first serve. You got your panties all in a twist about the buggy. Guess what we have all been in that situation. All kids love that buggy. Heck if my 9 yr old could get her butt in their she would. It is a diversion tactic — kid faces forward to see the world around them, has steering wheel for interaction and play. Frankly at 5 yrs old you should be teaching your little one to walk beside you. They can easily grab that box of oatmeal and things from the list to help mommy. 7 months I would never have put my child in one of those. They are awkward with little support, and really germy. Babywear that little tyke and guess what that leaves you with a solo rider…. Maybe you need the single cart?
    This post was a childish entitled rant. That time could have been better spent writing to WF and asking for more car buggies or perhaps a family shopping weekly event? Kids can pick up a balling when they get there or get stickers before the darn checkout line. Keep families with kids entertained while shopping.

  6. LOL. I cannot help but laugh at how self-centered and entitled this entry is. This is ridiculous. Why should your shopping experience be easier than mine just because you have more than one kid? That cart makes your day a little easier, and guess what? It makes mine a little easier as well. She loves those things. They keep her occupied and help me get out of there quickly. If you have to rely on a special cart to get through shopping, maybe you should figure something else out.

    I promise you I will not tell my 2 year old, “Sorry babe, you have to sit in the boring single seat buggy because a special mommy with more than 1 kid MAY come shopping and need it more than you do.” Nope not happening.

    Now, if I saw a mom of +1 coming to get a buggy at the same time, I would gladly part the way for her to get it. My kid gets she can’t always get what she wants. Sounds like she could teach you a thing or 2.

  7. I have two children under 3yo, and I will still use the race car cart when I go to the store with only my oldest, because he is a child. A child who LOVES riding in the fun car cart. A child who doesn’t understand why we can use the fun car cart when we’re there with little brother but not when it’s just the two of us.

    I hate the car cart. It’s a pain in the butt to push around. But it makes my child’s day. So if there’s one available, I’m going to use it.

    If taking all of your kids to the store is such a challenge, have you tried wearing them? I’ve worn both of my children – the baby on front and toddler on back – in the grocery store at times and it does make the whole trip a lot easier for me.

  8. Wow! I’m speechless.

    Another self entitled, self centered, all about me mom blogger. Maybe you should teach your children how to walk & behave like children their age instead of bitching about a cart & other parents. People like you are what is wrong with this world.

  9. I just love that every time this blog has a “don’t shame mommies” post, y’all follow it up with a post that shames mommies.

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