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Way back in early summer of 2012, which honestly feels like a lifetime ago, Ashley and I only knew each other through our personal blogs. After reading each other’s posts, we exchanged plenty of emails about our parenting woes raising children six months apart in age in the same city. One day, after a friend of Ashley’s introduced her to City Moms Blog Network, the topic of those emails changed to the possibility of starting a blog for local moms in the New Orleans area. We set out with a goal of reaching and connecting local moms while supporting local businesses whenever possible. We truly thought that this would be fun (it is) and a neat side hobby (it’s honestly more of a part-time (and sometimes full-time) job) … but little did we know that it would morph into what it is today.

New Orleans Moms Blog is 19 moms strong. We live all over the city, from Destrehan to the Westbank, Southshore to the Northshore. We’ve hosted dozens of sellout events. We advocate for a positive parenting community focused on respecting differences.


Why We Started New Orleans Moms Blog

To Reach Local Moms

Motherhood can be incredibly lonely, especially if you’re a first time mom trying to NOLAmomsSquarefigure out which way is up. We, ourselves, had each found blogs (some local, some non-local) written by mothers dealing with the same things we were facing while raising children in our own lives. If we could relate to mothers who lived around the country, surely there had to be moms here in New Orleans who were going through the same experiences that we were. We thought what better way to manage the roller coaster of toddler tantrums, potty training, and picky eaters, just to name a few, than to start a parenting website to help local moms know they aren’t alone in this adventure we call motherhood. We found a group of moms across the greater New Orleans area who were equally as excited about joining our new adventure to reach local moms, and the New Orleans Moms Blog was launched!

To Connect With Local Moms

Publishing fabulous content is definitely one of the goals we strive to reach on a daily basis. However, we feel very strongly that connecting with local moms who are in the same stage of motherhood as each other is a HUGE benefit of starting the blog. It’s one thing to read a post on the blog from a contributor who is struggling with a certain aspect of motherhood, but it’s another thing to meet her in person at one of our events. Once you’ve met someone in person with whom you’ve already connected to online, it’s like a whole new world opens up! We also love that many of our readers have met other readers who they would not have connected with if it were not for attending one of our many events.

To Support Local Businesses

Last, but certainly not least, we feel passionately about supporting our beloved city of New Orleans. Many of our initial sponsors that believed in us when we first launched were local, mom-owned businesses. We are extremely grateful to not only call those mom-preneurs our loyal sponsors, but we’re delighted to have developed long lasting friendships with them.

It’s hard to believe just a little over two years ago, Ashley and I launched New Orleans Moms Blog, one of the first 10 sister sites of City Moms Blog Network, which has since grown to over 30 sister sites around the country!

Our team now consists of 19 moms and many more local guest bloggers. We are a diverse group of women with different parenting styles who have formed a bond with each other that will last a lifetime. Sounds cheesy? Maybe so. But it’s true.


Are you ready to make an impact on your local mom community? Are you ready to join a passionate network of moms?

If you or someone you know might be interested in connecting moms in your community with us, jump at this opportunity to join CMBN with your own Sister Site by filling out our Start a Sister Site Information Form.

We are having tons of fun making a difference in our local mom communities and would love to share this experience with more moms around the country!



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