Pregnancy: Cue the Waterworks! And Other Bizarre Symptoms…

What do booking a flight, watching Sweet Home Alabama, checking Facebook and buying school uniforms have in common?  Well, nothing, but somehow they are all reasons that I have cried in the past week! In theory, none of them are actually sad experiences, but with this pregnancy pretty much anything can make me cry. I am normally not an emotional person, but I am having a total out of body experience.

I’ve heard a rumor a time or two that each pregnancy is different. With my daughter my pregnancy was pretty uneventful. I was sick the entire time, but other than that I felt pretty much like myself. This time, not so much.lin FINAL 2

I feel like I am trapped in someone else’s body. Like the waterworks. For being someone who is not a crier, my husband cannot figure out what to do with me. He just looks at me. Which I get, as this is totally random, and I am not even crying over sensible things. But when he asks me what is wrong and I am explaining to him how sad of a movie Sweet Home Alabama is … he just stares at me. I mean it is not like I know why I am crying either. I just am. So just pretend to agree that it is a really sad movie, can ya please?

Another new revelation this time around: things hurt that I didn’t know are supposed to hurt. Like, did you know taking your bra off could be a painful experience? Umm … nope, I didn’t know that before either. For girls that are well endowed, taking your bra off at the end of the day is usually a reward. But holy moly I didn’t know boobs could hurt like that. I have contemplated sleeping in my bra just to avoid having to take it off.

And food is just strange. While I don’t have food aversions this time, things I love just don’t do it for me anymore. Like coffee. We used to be best friends. I used to crave it every morning and savor every sip. When the cup ran out I knew I had to put my big girl panties on and get through the day. But now the taste of it is just gross. I keep trying it, and I keep hating it. But I miss it, and I really want to drink it, but I struggle to get a sip down.

Chocolate also used to be a regular staple in my life, although that was probably not a good thing. Today if we sat down for lunch I would offer to trade you my pudding cup for your potato chips. Why, you ask? Because my new friends are salt and sour.

Add to the mix an increase in allergy-like symptoms, and I am a lot of fun to be around. If I am not in the bathroom because I have to go, I am in there retrieving tissue … for the “allergies” and the tears. With the heat in NOLA it is really fun to be blowing your nose. Personally, I really need this to go away because the more pregnant I get the more I worry about blowing my nose and accidentally peeing on myself. Come on bladder, DO YOUR JOB!

When I was pregnant with my daughter my hair didn’t fall out. I had the most gorgeous full hair that I have ever had in my life. As the not so proud owner of fine, thin, flat hair I was dreaming of beautiful flowing locks while pregnant. Yeah, that didn’t happen … my hair is continuing to fall out at the usual rate.

Mother Nature must have a sense of humor because showing earlier the second time is just wrong. Last time I was in maternity clothes between five and six months. This time I was welcoming the stretching pants before the first trimester.

While I am not a medical professional, I just don’t understand how pregnancies to the same mother can be so different?

What was your experience?


  1. Oh Linzy! I can completely relate! LOL. This pregnancy, I’m extra fiery! Watch out people because I react first, think second!

    My hair is falling out at an alarming rate too. With the other 2 pregnancies, I never lost a strand until after they were born.

    My body feels like I’m 35 weeks and I’m not! I have told my husband several times, I don’t think I can do it. I can’t imagine how I’ll feel in 10 weeks. I can’t imagine getting much bigger. Like, crossing my legs is not even an option at this point.

    Sigh. Each one has been a journey. My first I was sick until 7 months, my second was scary and had a lot of bed rest and this one has just made me hurt and be short tempered. All very different just like my children.

    We can get through this! <3 thanks for sharing!

  2. My first I had little morning sickness and only craved coke icees. He was a summer baby by the way. With my second if I wasn’t blowing chunks then I was pigging out . . .on vegetables!?! I used to hate veggies. My third pregnancy I miscarried before any real symptoms got underway. I stayed week and drained with that one no matter how well I ate. My fourth and current pregnancy began with a tender tummy. With all my pregnanciesthe bigger I got the more my belly ached. This one, though, my belly ached like my third trimester before I even missed a period. I crave something new almost every day. And, these cravings are strong. During the first trimester, when I was dealing with morning sickness, it was either eat what I craved or blow chunks. As for those tear inducing hormones? Well, mine never balanced out after the first pregnancy. They just got worse and worse with each subsequent one. I can’t even watch the news without turning into a blubbering mess. Hell, I can’t watch much more than Disney Jr. Without turning into a blubbering mess.


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