Postpartum Advice from a Mom in the Trenches of Motherhood

Y’all, having a newborn and a toddler is the most rewarding, yet hardest season of life that I’ve been through so far. I can barely find time to go to the bathroom, and when I do I can almost always count on my toddler trying to open the door while saying “Mom!” over and over until I’m done.

It’s funny how you forget all of the hard things about the newborn phase once your kid is older, only to have your new newborn come in and knock you off your feet. They quickly remind you of all the sleepless nights, colic, and crying. But man, they sure are cute. I can also assure you that in 2-3 years (probably sooner honestly), I’ll look at my husband and say “I’m ready for a third baby!” Something I am definitely NOT ready for right now.

I think it is so important for moms to be there for each other in at any point during pregnancy or motherhood. Instagram has honestly been so helpful to connect with other moms and feel like we are all going through this together … because really we are. We’re all just trying to raise good kids while (somewhat) keeping our sanity.

While I’ve been home the first few weeks with a newborn and a toddler, I’ve put together a list of tips / advice for the postpartum phase, aka the fourth trimester. Hopefully it will help some other moms out who are in this season of life!

Let people help

Anyone who offers help, take it. Whether it’s bringing you food / coffee, coming to sit with you & the baby so you can take a shower, or entertaining your toddler so you can tend to your newborn, TAKE. ALL. OF. THE. HELP. It truly takes a village.

When the baby sleeps

Everyone always says sleep when the baby sleeps. While that would be great, it’s not always realistic. I say when the baby sleeps either eat, sleep, or shower. If not, you might forget to eat for hours or not shower for 3 days. Just use your time wisely!


If you’re breastfeeding, this stuff will become your best friend. The first few days can be rough! Just push through it, and keep the nipple cream close by.

Soak up every exhausting moment

I know that day to day can be hard and sometimes the days can seem to last forever, but know that the exhaustion will pass and soon your babies will grow up. They won’t be babies forever, so enjoy them while they are. The newborn phase is so fleeting, so really take the time to soak up all of the cuddles, nursing sessions, diaper changes, and everything else!

Self care

You don’t have much time to yourself when you have a newborn (even less with a newborn and a toddler), but self care is so important too! You can’t pour from an empty cup! I find that if I’m really feeling in a rut, it’s amazing what even taking a quick shower or taking the time to get ready once in a while will do for you! I was even able to get a pedicure the other day with the help of coordinating with my family, and I felt like I was on vacation!

So, there’s my top five pieces of advice to give to new moms / moms with a newborn. I hope they are helpful to someone out there!

After all, we’re all in this together!

About Meghan

Meghan is a wife and mama to two boys. She was born and raised on the Northshore and moved back after living in three different cities during/after college. She met her husband while playing tennis, and a few short months later found out they were having their first baby. An engagement, marriage, and another baby later, they’ve planted their family’s roots on the Northshore. When it’s not total chaos with a toddler and a newborn, Meghan enjoys blogging, playing tennis, online shopping, a glass or two of wine, date nights with her hubby, and being a boy mama.





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