This Old Home {Part 2 of A Few}

this old house, scaredMy neighborhood is one of the oldest neighborhoods in New Orleans, second only to Tremé. There are many stories of hauntings and ghosts we have heard since making this neighborhood our home. And there are many stories of our own that can be added to the collection of Algiers Point stories.

When Things Go Creek in the Night

A few nights after the unexplained crash in our house, we were all asleep – my husband and I in our bedroom, my son in his nursery, and my dog in the front of the house in his bed. It was 2:30 in the morning when I was awakened by a noise coming from the baby monitor. I was startled and felt uneasy. I clicked the video monitor on and saw my son laying peacefully asleep. Had I imagined that I heard a door creaking? Had I dreamed it?

Then I heard it again. Creeeeeeeak.  

It sounded like a door left slightly ajar, very gently moving just enough to make an eery creaking sound.

I clicked the video monitor once. My son was laying still; he hadn’t moved since I last clicked the monitor on just a moment before. I thought to myself – this can’t be real. I must be having one of those dreams that feel so real you believe it’s true.

So I checked it out …

I got out of bed. I wasn’t going to let a ghost get my baby. Just kidding. I was going to shut the closet doors in his room so that I could get back to sleep because you know … work and all. To my surprise — and dismay — both closet doors were completely shut already; there was no way for them to creak.

Now with goosebumps overtaking my body, I quickly peered into the crib to make sure my son was still there. Yep, no evil spirit took him. And then I ran back to bed and pulled the covers up over my face.

I then woke my husband up or tried to at least. He mumbled something that I couldn’t understand. Probably saying something about how I was being ridiculous, he turned away from me and drifted back into a peaceful sleep. How nice to be able to do that. I wanted to start googling other neighborhoods to live in.

Third time is the charm

And then … I heard it again. Another creak!

I ran into the baby’s room panicked, more than half-believing that an evil spirit was trying to overtake my baby a la Ghostbusters II Vigo style. I approached the crib, looked at my son for a split second. He was still sleeping in the same position as I had seen him in not even five minutes before. I needed to pick him up, guard him from this evil entity in his room, console myself.

And as I lifted him out the crib to put him up against my chest and squeeze him so tight, he farted.

I had been hearing baby gas over the monitor.

Laughing quietly to myself, I kissed his forehead and put him back into his crib. I then climbed back into my bed and pulled the covers up to my chin … but not before lowering the volume on the baby monitor.

What is the funniest thing you have heard over the baby monitor? Do any of your current or former neighborhoods have a reputation for being haunted?





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