New Orleans Be the Change Spotlight :: Introducing NOLA Baby Café

This month for our “Be the Change Spotlight” we’d like to introduce you to NOLA Baby Café, an organization committed to their mission to inspire, educate and support women and their families on their journey to a healthier life through Health, Education and Research services.

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What Does NOLA Baby Café Do?

Since June 2016 NOLA Baby Café has been a free drop in space that provides Lactation Consultations and mother to mother support in the New Orleans area community. NOLA Baby Café is currently conducting its services virtually, via Zoom, on Mondays 6:15pm-8:15pm, Tuesdays 12:00pm-2:00pm, and Wednesdays 12:00pm-2:30pm. Their goals are to erase stereotypes and misconceptions about breastfeeding thereby removing the barriers to breastfeeding in the community.

Who Does NOLA Baby Cafe Serve?

NOLA Baby Café provides a relaxed, non-judgmental safe environment for all women and they bring together women from all social-economic and racial backgrounds.  Utilizing the Baby Cafe’ USA evidence-based breastfeeding support model they hope to close the gap in breastfeeding rates while simultaneously creating a paradigm shift in the culture of breastfeeding. Additionally, they provide mentorship for future Lactation professionals.

Nola Baby Café is committed to decreasing barriers and increasing access to community breastfeeding support by providing free drop-in lactation consults, mother-to-mother support, and prenatal education.   In 2021, they plan to expand their services to decrease infant and maternal mortality by providing prenatal and postpartum navigation with the addition of Doula services.

How Can You Support NOLA Baby Café?

Nola Baby Café operates under H.E.R Institute, a non profit 501(c) that depends on grant funding.  Research shows that when families have earlier access to the services providedby Nola Baby Café, they meet 100% of their breastfeeding goals. NOLA Baby Café needs your help to increase their exposure and visibility within the community. To that end, follow them on social media in order to increase awareness of the free and much needed resources that we provide to the community.

Learn more about NOLA Baby Café ::

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