My Bathroom, My Sanctuary


/saNGk(t)SHe Were/

A place of refuge or safety

Can you believe I’m writing this post in my bathroom? Yes, the bathroom. Why? Because it’s my sanctuary. It’s my place of refuge. It’s my place of safety. It’s where I get the most things done, the most time to think, and the most time to realize that I’m still actually sane. As I write this, little fingers are wiggling under the door. “Mom, what are you doing?” “Mom, can I have a snack?” “Mom, she’s not letting me sit by her.” I actually left their sight for more than 30 seconds. Am I answering? NOOOO!

We all know we love our kids, right? They are the most precious things in the world to us. But, WE ALL NEED A BREAK, and where do we get that break? The one and only place where, if we’re lucky, we can have five minutes peace … the bathroom.

So I’m going to share my secret. My bathroom has officially become my sanctuary.

I don’t really use it for its intended use (at least most of the time). It’s really my most sacred place in the entire house. The place where I truly get the most work done. Here’s another secret. I turn the fan on too so that I can’t actually hear what’s going on in the house! I can’t hear if my husband is being too strict and making them go to bed at 6 or too laid back and giving them candy at bedtime. I can only hear the small hum of that little fan, and it’s the greatest sound I’ve heard all day.

And there is knock number 1!

But wait – there is another person I have to escape from. MY HUSBAND! “Honey, where’s my phone charger?” “What do the girls have for homework tonight?” “How much longer are you going to be?” … And the hum of that oh so sweet sounding fan continues. Did someone say something? I didn’t hear anything. Did you?

And now there is the second set of knocks!

bathroom featuredSeriously ladies – I cannot be the only mom who has experienced this. The second you walk in the door from work, EVERY person in the house needs your attention, and they need it NOW! I don’t know how many times I’ve stopped them all and said, “Until you see me with three ears, I can’t hear everything you say all at the same time.” For approximately 2 and half hours, I balance everything that my two children and my husband need to tell, know about, ask about, and heck, even make noise about. By 8:30, I feel like one of those people in the movies when the world starts doing circles around you, and you disappear into some deep dark hole.

And for those keeping track, knock number 3!!

So what happens? The sanctuary awaits! It just so happens that at 8:30 every night, I seem to have to go to the bathroom. And it takes a LONG time! 20 to 30 minutes at the very least.

And now here comes a note – “Mom, you okay in there?”

Guess I better wrap this up! So ladies, I admit there is no point to this post. There’s no moral to the story. There’s no lesson or advice I‘m trying to share with my fellow moms. I’m just simply enjoying my sanctuary tonight and inviting you to create your own sanctuary – fully equipped with a toilet of course!

Oh, one more thing – don’t forget to flush at the end of your session!

Do you have a secret sanctuary in your house? Do you ever use going to the bathroom as an excuse to get five minutes to yourself?


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