“Mom’s Night In” :: Saving My Social Life After a Newborn

Truth be told, I cry WITH my newborn baby sometimes…

Not because I need a diaper change, not because I’m hungry, not because I’m tired (well maybe a little LOL) but because being a full-time mommy to a newborn is killing my social life!

Ok, I know, that may sound a bit selfish, but we so often downgrade the fact that we have recently put ourselves through a MAJOR life change. We have literally created, grown, delivered, and are currently nurturing an entire life. A new person. Another 1 to add to the billions of this earth’s population, and that’s something to be celebrated. And, what’s the BEST way to celebrate any life achievement? A PARTY!!!!!

Of course, as a full-time mom who is breastfeeding and on around-the-clock care, it is difficult sometimes to get away and get that much-needed girl’s time to yourself. So, why not plan a fun Girl’s Night In? Invite a few of your closest friends over for a night full of games, drinking, of course, FOOD, and fun!

Here are a few tips to planning a quick and impromptu Girl’s Night In!

Choose A Theme

I chose a “Favorite Things Party.” Each invitee chooses 1 item that they absolutely can’t live without and bring 4 of that item wrapped and ready to exchange at the party. The host places a price limit on the item somewhere between $5-$10. The item can be something fun like your favorite snack or something thoughtful like a journal or planner. The item just has to be something you absolutely love.

Choose A Few Games

Select a few games for your party guests to let loose and have fun with. Choosing a “Favorite Things” theme was easy to incorporate a quick icebreaker into the mix. Download and print a favorite things worksheet for each guest to complete once they arrive. Before each guest departs, read a few answers from each completed worksheet and see if anyone can guess which party guest it applies to. This is a great way to get to know one another while having fun.

I also created a fun board game that consisted of drinking immense amounts of alcohol. My game involved taking shots from “start” to “end.” It also had a few Truth and Dares and other fun activities to complete throughout the game.

Decorate, Create, and Celebrate

Most importantly have fun. Your baby may be keeping you up at night and you may be feeling that new mommy stress kicking in but make this night a night to remember. Have a few drinks, share a few laughs, and celebrate YOU!



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