Momma’s Little Getaway, Daddy’s BIG Escape!

The CHO (Chief Household Officer) decided to take a temporary leave of absence for a little getaway in Dallas, Texas for a few days to attend an AdvoCare Ladies Alive Conference and visit with a good friend that lives in the area. As all good managers, I delegated my responsibilities to my co-worker (husband) in my absence. In two years, this has been the second time I have been away from my kids, and the FIRST, I repeat, the FIRST time my husband has been alone to take care of the kids for more than several hours. Of course, I was nervous to leave my babies, but excited to hang out with the girls and finally have my husband experience firsthand exactly what is involved to hold the CHO title! I was eager to let him bond with the kids and just knew he would have an enhanced perspective and new found appreciation for all that I do…

While away, I called a few times to check in and we shared lots of text messages and pictures daily. Interestingly enough, I found out my mother in law came to help him 3 of the 4 days I was gone. WHAT? This was not supposed to happen! The point of this little excursion was a little break for me and for him to get the full experience of what it is I do every day while he is at the fire department. Revenge is sweet, but I think I had a small taste of bitterness in my mouth for the fact that he had help 3 out of the 4 days I was gone! Here are a few pictures I received while I was in Dallas. I think they stayed in pajamas most of the time and when they did go out, he would send pictures titled, “this is true style!”  Pants with shorts over them and long socks pulled up to the knees (done to purely aggravate me, no doubt)!  Notice the screenshot of another text message I received from him about how he and Cooper rescued Camille one morning from being trapped in her crib.  You know firemen, always in local hero mode saving the day!

While in Dallas, I did some much needed retail therapy for me (not the kiddos)! Since my daughter was born 18 months ago, I have lost over 80 pounds. I got down to my pre baby weight back in April, but started doing the AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge because I didn’t feel my body looked the same as before I got pregnant. Thanks to AdvoCare, I now weigh 32 pounds less than before I ever got pregnant with my first child almost 2 and a half years ago! Having more energy and feeling better than I have in years, I decided to become an AdvoCare Independent Distributor to help others reach their health goals and find finabcial freedom, hence the trip to Dallas for the Ladies Alive Conference. I texted a picture of me and a friend from the Conference to my husband, and here is a screenshot of how our conversation played out. Why is it that husbands can spot a new purchase of clothing, handbag, or shoes immediately, but they can’t remember simple instructions involved when taking care of the kids?

I extended my stay in Dallas for 2 days so I could spend some time with my friend Tiffany who I met when we were in Graduate School. We went to a delicious dinner one night, went to lunch the next day to watch the Saints beat the Falcons, and followed up later that day with some yummy dessert from a local frozen custard shop town. I met one of Tiffany’s friends that lives in Dallas but is originally from Baton Rouge and found out she is friends with one of my best friends who was my maid of honor in my wedding.  Such a small world! We all plan on getting together next time she comes home and having dinner and drinks. All New Orleans Saints Fans please proceed with caution as you read further! My friend, Tiffany, born and raised in Marrero, Louisiana and a life long Saint’s fan, now works for the Dallas Cowboys. My last day in Dallas, I went to work with her in Arlington and got a first class tour of the new Cowboys Stadium, which I might add is phenomenal. I got to stand on the 50 yard line of the field, visit the cheerleader’s locker room, and try on Jason Witten’s football equipment in the player’s locker room. Even though I am a diehard Saints fan, this was an experience I couldn’t pass up and am glad I didn’t.

I’m glad to report, the kids and hubby survived in my absence. Overall, my trip was fabulous and included lots of laughs, shopping, eating, and of course, a few adult beverages.  I got to hear from some awesome ladies that truly inspired me at the Ladies Alive Conference, spent girl time with my friend, formed new friendships and got time to recharge before coming home to my sweet babies and hubby. In my opinion, my mother-in-law turned out to be the real hero and saved the day, which did allow for my hubby to get some much needed “honey do” projects done around the house. Even though my husband only got a small taste of what I go through to keep things running around here, I am grateful to him for working so hard that I can stay home and raise my babies and not miss out on anything.

How many of you mommas could use a little getaway right now?


  1. Very funny story!
    Although you didn’t get to taste sweet revenge, it is nice that your hubby was able to spend some quality time with the kids, help ‘coordinate’ some new outfit choices for your daughter, and check some items off the honey-do list. You should take vacations more often 🙂

    • Thanks so much for your response and taking time to read the New Orleans Mom Blog. I should look at the bright side of things like you said, they did get some quality time together, fashion style or faux pas, and honey-do items done. Most importanly I got a little break and had a great time with my friend!

  2. This affirms to me that only mothers get other mothers! I remember being enraged when my husband’s first comment to a proposed trip by me was that he would probably get his mom or sister to come help out. There is a definite desire for the other partner to “get” what full time motherhood looks and feels like!

    • Thanks so much Courtney for your comments and for reading the New Orelans Moms Blog. I definetly don’t understand why men feel they have to have help when we are away. Greg did say to me before I left, “you mean I am going to be all alone for 4 days with no help”? I guess he had already devised a plan of action!


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