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Life can be very demanding of our time, resources, and energy.

It can put a strain on the quality of our relationships – family and friends included. At some point, we hopefully recognize the shift within ourselves and our relationships; the non-engagement and lack of enthusiasm that seems to have disappeared. You hear your kids talking to you, but are you really listening? You’re having dinner with your spouse, but are you really present and engaged? I know we’ve all had this happen to us. I’m guilty as well.

stopHowever, after a self-examination, we are forced to make changes. These times are very rare opportunities to share and create special moments with the ones we love. So, if you find yourself, undergoing this shift – not engaged or missing out – STOP. You have a very rare opportunity! An opportunity to create moments. We must find ways to push past the strains of life and experience these times.

Defining moments

Moments are defined as “very brief periods of time.” I would go a step further and describe moments as not only brief but as “consisting of special times shared or created with our family and friends.” These are the kinds of times that we truly treasure. Some are planned but most are spontaneous. They happen when you least expect it. You must be engaged and present to be a part of these moments. If not, you could miss them.

In all moments, it may appear that time slows down. We soak up every second – never wanting it to end. In these moments, everything around us feels real and everyone is present. It feels like the moment has caught you, is squeezing you, and suddenly you are present. Did time really slow down or even just stop? No, it’s still moving – as fast as it did yesterday, last weekend, and last year. However, for that one moment, you were present. You stopped and took time out to let life happen. In that time, moments were created. Did you catch them?

Finding time for those moments
moments (2)

I’ve spoken about finding time for these moments before. However, vacation is not necessary. Moments are right around the corner. Take note of them. When your child asks you to read a book? Stop and read the book this time. Everything else can wait. Seeing their faces and sharing this time with them is special. It’s a moment. When your spouse has a bad day at work. Stop and ask them to share their day with you. Your listening ear means a lot. That is a moment. Your kids need your attention. Your spouse needs you to be attentive to their needs and just listen sometimes. Your best friend could use a lunch date and just good ole’ girl talk. In these times, moments are waiting to be shared with the ones that mean the most to us. Don’t miss these opportunities!

We all lead busy lives. Believe me, I know this. There appears to be no time to stop. But remember, moments are brief and soon they all pass. I’m urging you to take time to STOP OFTEN and BE PRESENT. You are in control of your life and your time. Your spouse, your kids, and your best friend – they need you.

Your next moment is waiting on YOU.

About Crystal Holliday

10704343_739199966117080_7158576039759563131_oCrystal Holliday lives in Houma, LA with her husband, Brandon and their 2 kids – Marley (4 ½ years old) and Sebastian Jax (2 years old). The family has one pet – Kipsy Behr – a yappy Maltese. Both Crystal and her husband work from home, all the while wrangling with a yapping dog and seemingly quiet, yet rambunctious kids. Ever tried to quiet a barking dog and 2 small kids while you call a client? That’s the Holliday’s. It can get a little crazy but it’s a lot fun. So much fun that they wouldn’t trade it for anything. Crystal loves talking about DIY projects, decorating on a budget, and family life on her blog The Holliday’s at Home.


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