What a Man Really Wants for Father’s Day (But Isn’t Telling You)

What a Man Really Wants for Father’s Day (But Isn’t Telling You)

Father’s Day is right around the corner. I feel like stores are coming up with more ideas than ever. There’s the whole grill apparatus (dad apron anyone?), the coffee line (dad mug?), the nerdy line (Dad USB light?); even Star Wars gets its piece of the pie (“Luke, I am your Father” tee-shirt?) or the classic dad stuff: ties, white undershirts, polos, cigars, sports gear, etc. Yes, Father’s Day is about our little children giving out gifts to remind their dads of how much they love them … so I’ve put together a list of ideas of what a man really wants for Father’s Day.

From his kidsIMG_4891

  1. A family picnic at the park with some fried chicken. With a frisbee.
  2. Steak.
  3. Donuts. Or ice cream. Or both. Yeah … both.
  4. A nap
  5. To play a water game outside because it’s getting hot again … Dads like to play.
  7. To drink his morning coffee in peace
  8. Something that dad will actually use. (I used to give my dad Mickey ties and he never wore them at work … Now I get why)

From his wife

  1. Sex. Because you may be the mother of his kids, but you’re first and foremost this attractive lady he fell in love with a long time ago …
  2. Dinner without the kids.
  3. An adult conversation without the kids
  4. No nagging about [insert random stuff] lying on the [insert random location of the house]

In the end, dads are like moms. They want peace and quiet at the end of the day (and at the beginning too!). They want to rest. They like to eat. They love the kids and mom too. That’s why this year, our “papa” (dad in French) is getting a lunchbox with custom-made handprints of our daughters … filled with donuts. Happy Father’s Day!


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