Why I Make My Own Baby Food

For the past three or four years, my husband and I have been living a “Whole 30” lifestyle.  This means we focus on eating real, whole food with minimal added sugar, preservatives, and weird ingredients that you cannot pronounce. Our diet mainly consists of meat and seafood, vegetables, fruits, and healthy fats. While it was an adjustment at first, over time, we realized we really did feel our best when we followed these principles.

And somehow during this time period, before we had kids, our dog also made the transition? He went from eating a typical food brand that you can easily find anywhere to a specialized, grain free brand that cost way more than I ever thought I would be spending on my pet’s diet. BUT, in my mind, if we were eating like this, why wouldn’t our beloved dog eat the same way?

With that being said, once we found out we were having a baby, it was only natural that she followed the same principles – whole foods with minimal additives. Just like every new mom-to-be, I added food to my list of things to research. I found some great brands and even some home delivery options, but NONE of them were feasible for me price wise. I started searching for ways to save money on food and my research pointed me to making my own baby food. Originally, I dismissed it – I was not adding one more thing to my plate. But then, I thought about it. Honestly, I make most of our food from scratch. Even on the rare occasion that we eat biscuits or pancakes for a weekend brunch, I don’t buy a mix. I measure out my flour and everything else, so why couldn’t I do this for one more person?

I set out to find the market’s best baby food maker, because if I was going to do this, I needed to do it!  I settled on Baby Beaba Babycook  which appeared to have the best reviews for longevity and power. This machine allowed me to steam and then blend everything in one place, minimizing mess and clean up! I ordered a book on Amazon to teach me the basics of baby food and a food storage system and as soon as my pediatrician gave me the okay, I started making my little one some food!

Honestly, I’m so glad I took the leap. I quickly realized it wasn’t that difficult or time consuming and it helped me not to waste produce. If I forgot about veggies in my fridge, I would prep, steam, and store them before they went bad. I spend an hour or so every other week making a couple of combinations of food and grab them as I need them. I send them to daycare and we use them when we go out too! And, the food actually looks and smells like whatever food I’m making! I never thought I would be making baby food because it always seemed so time consuming, but it is such an easy process with the right tools.

How many other mamas out there make their own baby food?


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