Look at what the stork brought!

I often wonder just how much Thatcher really understands about the fact that he’s getting a little sister in a few short weeks. We talk about the baby, we show him her room and crib, and we tell her goodnight as part of our bedtime routine (along with Nelmo, Big Bird, Cookie, Nini’s car, Coco and many other cherished people and objects). But how much does he really understand?

As a mom, of course I worry about how he will react. Will he be excited? Nervous? Curious? Eager? Loving? Jealous? Indifferent? Mad? Some combination of the above? There are major changes coming to our house, and I’ve been trying toCookie monster present | New Orleans Moms Blog prepare him in every way possible. I think that at the end of the day what this is all about for me is just making sure that Thatcher knows he is very, very loved. I want him to know that there are more than enough hugs and kisses for both of them and that he is still precious and special to us.

Anyone who knows me can tell you that my love language is gift giving. (If you haven’t read the Five Love Languages, I highly recommend it!) What this means is that I express love through giving presents, though they don’t have to be big by any means (even sending a card in the mail is considered gift giving). It’s always been in my nature to remember birthdays and holidays and to pick things up for people “just because.”

So naturally, I have assembled a present for Thatcher to receive when he comes to the hospital to meet his little sister. I realize that this is completely unnecessary and may even be considered ridiculous by some. But for me it is how I say “I love you,” so I just can’t help myself! When I go to visit friends and their newborns, I usually bring a little something for the older sibling as well. It can be a book or a puzzle, but I’ve always liked to include them, too! Also, I was thinking that it’d be wise for us to have some fun distractions at the hospital to keep him occupied, and I may even put some of this into the activity box that so many moms recommended earlier this week.

A gift from the new baby…

When Thatcher comes to meet his sister, he will be so excited to see that the stork brought not only a tiny bundle of joy but also…

Did your new addition bring their big brother or sister(s) a gift? What did you include? How did your older one react when they met their new sibling?

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  1. I gave my son a toy motorcyle – and he loved it more than the baby:) But it gave him something to play with in the hospital so he was very happy!

  2. Ashley,
    My little Helen is 3 weeks away from today ( scheduled c sec) and I too have been preparing my 2yr old Emma Mae for her arrival.

    Aside from reading a book on being the big sister, seeing Helen’s room take shape, talking abut Helen, see baby bottles suddenly reappear, I’ve taken a few more steps.

    1. I created a book of pictures of myself and Daddy with Emma Mae. Each page reads, We love Emma Mae, or She is our special girl…then I have pictures of her with other little babies she loves and that she will have her own little baby home. I then have pictures of me ( from her birth) in the hospital holding her…and the book reads This is Mommy in her special bed, she misses Emma Mae ect… Emma Mae will see this book when I leave for the hospital and be able to review it the days I’m gone to see me loving her and to remember where I am, plus Baby!

    2. I had Emma Mae pick out a gift to bring Helen, a sweet monogrammed Egg pillow from Haases that she has already.

    3. I have a gift bag for Helen to give to Emma Mae, I think just two gifts….one book My World from Goodnight Moon series and I havent decided the 2 pnd.

    4. I have two pictures of just Emma Mae that I glued to card stock paper and wrote underneath, Big sister Emma Mae and will tape those inside Helen’s bassinett at the hospital.

    Whew, writing that sounds like a lot…Maybe I am on top of this after all! Ha ha!

  3. We took Jack to Barnes & Noble a few weeks before Cora was born and he picked out a book for her and she “picked out” books for him. I wrapped the gifts and he saw them sitting out. His first visit to see her was beyond precious and luckily we videotaped it (highly recommend this!). We’ve been lucky that Jack readily accepted Cora’s arrival. I think it was really helpful that Grandmas were in town right away and kept him busy and showered with attention the first 2 weeks!

    • I totally agree that attention from the grandparents will be tremendously helpful! And a few special treats can’t hurt either, right?!?

  4. i debated about the whole gift to the older sibling from the new sibling thing and asked quite a few friends about it. we ended up having Ruby (our new baby girl) give her big brother a set of trains and tracks (like Thomas the Train). i had these things already and was waiting until his birthday or christmas – but this opportunity for Woodrow to have something new and special play with and to show off to guests that came to visit was priceless. he was so excited about it and our family and friends really took interest in it too. Woody had a special toy to play with with daddy while I nursed or just had a few quiet moments to myself!


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