Little Pnuts, aka A Birch Box for Babies…Kinda

I am a subscriber to Birch Box. It is a little box of joy that comes in the mail to make me feel pampered once a month. A NOLA mom has developed a similar idea for children. Little Pnuts, based right here in New Orleans, features full-size toys that are hand selected from around the world to help your Little Pnut with age appropriate developmental milestones.

Similar to Birch Box in that it is a mail subscription, Little Pnuts provides high quality toys that you cannot find in stores. These high-end toy brands are in exclusive partnership with Little Pnuts. And because of the quality, the toys can be passed from sibling to sibling and from generation to generation. Little Pnuts founder, Melissa, started the company as a result of a search for toys that would help her little one, Boo, who was faced with health and developmental challenges. Not finding the toys she was looking for, Melissa set out on a search throughout Europe. Now through Little Pnuts, these toys that she worked so hard to find can be delivered to your doorstep.

This is a great idea for a gift from Santa or grandparents because the toys grow with your child. When you sign up, you provide information on your child’s birthday and gender, which helps the Little Pnuts team customize the toys. With each box you receive, the toys will change based on the age and growth of your little one. How amazing would this be as a baby shower gift?!? You can either purchase an annual subscription for $240 OR pay by the month at $25/month. Deliveries arrive quarterly.

Don’t worry. If you are like me and you are not aware of exactly what kind of play is educational and how you can assist in their development, the box comes with instructions. The guide includes bullet points of the milestones to focus on, play ideas and information about the toys. It tells you the brand, a short description of each toy, the website where you can visit for more information on each toy and brand, and the price of each toy.

Melissa was sweet enough to send Baby Crawfish a Little Pnuts box. Baby Crawfish loves the toys! I am not sure what it is about it. They are classic toys, mostly wooden. There is nothing that sings, lights up or moves on its own. But it captures her attention and curiosity more than the toys that do all of those things! She loves this set of blocks that has different animals, textures, colors and shapes all on one set of cards.

Little Pnuts is not only good for your child; the brand is also focused on reducing their carbon footprint by using environmentally safe materials and partnering with Lighthouse for the Blind to help package the boxes.

Little Pnuts will ship out the first batch of boxes this month, September, right here from NOLA! And, one of you will be lucky enough to win a box in the age group of your choosing!


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  1. My 22 month old is in love with his wooden train set from IKEA as well as foam blocks he got for Christmas. He loves making “tunnels” or “towers” and making train noises. 🙂

  2. My 2 year old is having so much with magnet letters, shoeboxes, blocks, strollers, and baby dolls…what a mix! She really enjoys anything for outdoors too, push car or wagon.


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