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Expecting a Baby?

{This is sponsored content from LifeSource Cryobank, based in Covington, LA.} Remember to buy blankets, set up the crib, check the baby monitors and, oh yes, make arrangements to save your child’s cord blood. While all the other preparations are for your child’s life at present, storing cord blood is one of the greatest gifts you can give your child’s health future. The Umbilical Cord Blood (UCB) is drawn from the umbilical cord and placenta at the time of birth using a procedure that is painless and risk-free for both child and mother. You can learn more here.

Why is UCB so important?  

UCB contains high concentrations of adult hematopoietic stem cells – those cells which ensure for a lifetime the growth of healthy bone marrow. (Stem cells in UCB retrieved at birth are called “Adult Stem Cells,” while those obtained from lifesourcecryobankfetuses are termed “embryonic stem cell”.) Considering that stem cells can give rise to new “healthy” cells or repair their imbalances, the importance of having such a source “in the bank” should your child ever need it is undeniable.  The number of diseases currently being treated with UCB is around 80, and with cutting edge research the list will continue to grow.

In addition to saving lives through stem cell transplants, cord blood stem cells have properties that have been shown to help the body repair itself. Cord blood stem cell therapy is being investigated in patients for regenerative medicine applications in FDA-regulated clinical studies for conditions such as: Autism, Cerebral palsy, Perinatal stroke, Traumatic brain injury, Acquired hearing loss and Type 1 diabetes.

All parents hope that their child never has to use its cord blood stem cells, but it’s comforting to know that it’s there should the need arise. While private storage of your baby’s cord blood guarantees an immediately available, 100 percent match for the child’s future needs, such as bone marrow transplant, it also offers benefits for other immediate family members. Because stem cells are unique to the baby’s family, they also improve the odds of having a proper match for another close relative. In a sense, by saving your baby’s cord blood, you are gifting your entire family.

LifeSource Cryobank: Louisiana’s Only Private UCB Storage Facility

LifeSource Cryobank is Louisiana’s only private Umbilical Cord Blood Storage Facility. Our state of the art GMP laboratory is registered with the FDA, and has been specifically designed to ensure the safety and integrity of the stem cells samples that we collect. You have only one chance to collect these unique cells and that is at the time of birth. UCB stem cells are considered one of the most promising medical treatments of the future. For more information visit our website or call (985) 867-8902. Interest Free payment plans are available.

Note: This is a sponsored post. All facts have been provided by LifeSource. To make a decision on your own medical situation, please contact your doctor.

Did you consider banking your baby’s cord blood stem cells? Or would you in the future?

More About LifeSource Cryobank

Established in 2007, LifeSource Cyrobank LLC is a physician inspired company committed to the mission of preserving newborn stem cells for the use in the treatment of over 80 diseases. LifeSource Cyrobank is located 30 miles north of New Orleans, in Covington, Louisiana. It is the only UCB bank in the state of Louisiana.

The Scientific Director, Dr. José Minguell, PhD, is a Cellular Biologist, well published and recognized for his contributions to research in adult stem cells and regenerative medicine.  Dr. Minguell PhD is world renown for his isolation and discovery of meysencyhmal stem cells (adult stem cells) in umbilical cord blood (UCB), as well as his leadership in establishing the first bone marrow transplant program in South America which was established two years prior to any American based bone marrow transplant program.

The umbilical cord blood stem cells are processed in our state of the art cGMP laboratory, registered with the FDA, which has been specifically designed to ensure the safety and integrity of the stem cells we collect. The processing of the UCB stem cells is overseen by Dr. Carolina Allers, PhD, a Cellular Biologist.  Newborn stem cells from umbilical cord blood (UCB) are cryopreserved in specially designed liquid nitrogen storage units that maintain specified therapeutic temperatures while insuring the stored cells never are in direct contact with liquid nitrogen. These storage units are not affected by power failures, providing an additional level of security for our clients. LifeSource is located in a hospital building with back-up generator power and continuous security surveillance.  The storage units are confined in a secure and locked area with limited access.  inally, LifeSource is located on the fifth floor, eliminating any worry of damage from high water or flooding.


  1. We banked our baby’s umbilical cord at this company. When we signed the contract, they said we had $300 discount. But they still charged the full price. My husband emailed the company, but has not received any responses. He has also called them many times to ask about that and some other things, but no one picked up the phone (they know his phone number though). I am thinking of filing a Ripoff Report and contacting the Consumer Protection Office if we do not hear from them in the next few days.


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