It’s Not Child’s Play in a Driveway {from the archives}

How is this for a nightmare? As difficult as it might be, imagine running over a child in your vehicle. Disturbing, right?

Now even harder, try to picture the child was your own, and this horrible incident occurred in your driveway at home. One word comes to mind: UNTHINKABLE, right? Wrong!

Unfortunately, this isn’t a rare occurrence. It is reported EVERY week in the U.S. that at least 50 children are being backed over by vehicles! Shocking to think this is happening every day. More importantly, this is completely 100% preventable! Nothing is worse than the loss of your own child, but when a child’s death is preventable or unintentionally caused by a family member, caregiver or someone visiting, words cannot begin to express the incomprehensible pain and devastating distress a family will endure.

Take the full trip down memory lane with us…



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