Is it ok to be scared of the world?

Do you remember that pre-parental bliss where things just rolled off of your back? I can remember watching scary movies and crime TV, like Law & Order SVU, and it was no big deal. Then I got pregnant with my daughter, and my husband had to cut me off. I couldn’t watch any of those things without putting myself in the shoes of the mom. I mean there are so many story lines on TV of children getting kidnapped, killed, raped and other horrific things that it was the end of my viewing. For an emotional pregnant woman, it was just not a good combination.

When I was little my mom used to say to me, “It is not that I don’t trust you, I just don’t trust the world.” While at the time I had no idea what she was talking about it, this concept now makes so much sense. And, I couldn’t agree with her more.annelise

Is it ok to be scared of the world around my baby? There are so many horrible things out there. Social media and the news today make it even easier to hear the stories of childhood cancer, kids lost in car accidents, kids drowning in pools, kids killed by family dogs … the list goes on. But even if we are more aware of them today, they are still happening.

I want my baby to experience the world, but I just wish the world we lived in was safer. Maybe like a bubble kid without the bubble?

No, I am not going to set up a panic room or keep my daughter boarded up in the house. I know with childhood that there are bumps, bruises and tears, and she should absolutely experience those. It is just a part of life. She does all of the normal kid things like attending preschool, dancing, soccer and play dates, but I think that crime TV, the news and social media have made me more aware.

I will be honest; the crazy things that pop up in my news feed worry me. For instance, just a few weeks ago (not in New Orleans), someone glued razor blades to playground equipment and all of the children playing there got hurt. A simple playground play date turned ugly. That is the kind of crazy situation I am talking about.

I know it is about finding a balance between the worrying and the living. I can’t help but wonder: is this normal or am I being crazy? Do you just come to terms with this worrying or am I going to be like this from here on out? I mean she is three already, and I still wonder when she is sick if it is just a cold or if I am missing something.

Anyone else?


  1. I am right there with you, sister! Can’t watch scary violent movies anymore and most of the time the news is too much for me so I limit what I see. I’m most likely an over-protective – maybe vigilant mom – but if it keeps him a little safer in this crazy world, I’m ok with that!


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