Introducing Jennifer, CPA, Foodie, & Recovering Smockaholic

Hello fellow New Orleans moms, grandmoms, and moms-to-be!

When Ashley asked me to be a contributor to this amazing resource, I couldn’t think of anything that more appropriately brought together my two greatest passions – my family and my hometown.  I cannot tell you how excited I am to be on this journey with all of you as we navigate through the rewards and challenges of raising little NOLA girls and boys.  The folks who will be tagging along with me on our journey are my husband Mark, my daughter Jane, and my Puggle Beignet.

Beignet, Jane, Me, and Mark in a photo by Twirl Photography

 Twelve years ago, when my husband told his father, who practiced medicine in Mississippi and knew a lot of New Orleanians, that he had met and fallen for a New Orleans girl, my father-in-law told him he really better like the city because he’s never leaving.  In local lingo, “Ain’t dat da trute.”  There is a magnetic draw to this city that makes it impossible for people who love it to leave for good, or at all.  I recently heard someone say that this is our city’s greatest weakness.  I beg to disagree.  I firmly believe that we stay or, in many cases, return to New Orleans because there is no more magical a city in the world.

Mark and I often talk about raising Jane to be a strong and independent woman who has the tools she needs to follow her dreams.  My greatest fear, of course, will be that her dreams will take her away from me and New Orleans.  As an Italian Catholic, my instinct is to fill her with guilt at the thought of spending more than seven nights away from me.  However, I have promised Mark that I will tuck that trick deep down in my soul and not use it as a way to get what I want.  Instead, we have decided to spend each and every day introducing Jane to all of the things that make living in New Orleans so incredibly special.

We will take her to festivals, and brunches, and parades, and tailgates.  We will eat red beans every Monday and King Cake every 6th of January.  We will catch snowflakes on Fulton Street when it’s cold and eat sno-balls at Hansen’s when it’s hot.  We will live our life to the fullest always surrounded by family and friends because that is why you never leave New Orleans for long.

Jane’s First Saints Playoff Day
Jane's First Mardi Gras Day
Jane’s First Mardi Gras Day
Jane's First Jazzfest
Jane’s First Jazz Fest

I hope you will come along on our adventures as we introduce Jane to everything we love so much about New Orleans.

And, I hope you’ll join me in two weeks when I discuss my smockaholism (I just can’t stop shopping for Jane!!).

What is one experience you’ve had (or can’t wait to have) with your little one that is uniquely New Orleans?


  1. My three children are grown now but I have many found memoriable experiences with them, raising them in the New Orleans area. To name a few, King Cake every Friday during Mardi Gras season, Christmas in the Oaks, family Sunday dinners with the Saints party following and many many more. Though my husband and I have had been living out of Louisiana for almost ten years (for his job), we look forward to returning to our home town. Your post was enjoyable to read this morning, look forward to reading future post. [aka: Elizabeth’s mom]

  2. Hi, Beautiful Jen!
    Love that you are blogging on this site. It is hard to limit it to just one uniquely New Orleans experience, but I have to say that we had the best time with tiny Millster this time last year at Satchmo Fest. Being a smaller fest, it just feels so local. He has been going to Fests since his first Jazz Fest at age 3 months, but I think Satchmo was the first one he really “got.” Bopping to the music, drinking his water, etc.
    Can’t wait to read more!

  3. I think my favorite thing that we have done in good ole NOLA was when I took my girls down to cafe Du monde and had beignets. We walked along the street afterwards and enjoyed the sites and sounds of the market!! It may not sound like much but it was amazing to watch them experience it for the first time!! I loved watching them walk along the river front as well.

  4. I am new-ish to NOLA and already feeling the desire to stay! Such an eclectic, amazing city with tons to offer for the kiddos (this was the biggest shock to me!). Excited for the launch of this site and the way it will bring together mamas!

  5. My three oldest were born in New Orleans. I have such fond memories of leisurely walks in Audubon Park, with stops to feed the ducks along the way, shopping for smocked sister dresses at Orient Expressed on Magazine, and all those wonderful, sweet beignets at Cafe du Monde in the French Quarter! Can’t wait for more posts from the lovely Jen!

  6. Like you, we do everything New Orleans, street car rides, Christmas in the Oaks, Saints games, Mardi Gras, Storyland, Snoballs the list goes on and on….WE LOVE NOLA; the kids enjoy it all so much!!

  7. Hey Jen!

    We have already experienced Andrew’s first Saints game, first Mardi Gras, first St. Patrick’s Parade, etc. but I can’t wait to see his face when he tries his first snowball (we should do that this weekend!) and his first taste of beignets!

    Or when he goes to the zoo and knows what’s going on. We took him to boo at the zoo, but he was too young to understand at the time.

    there are so many things! I can’t wait to experience it all through his eyes. 🙂

  8. Great job, Jen! We as readers are so lucky to have you as a contributer…I look forward to reading your posts!

    Gosh, what have I not done yet with Emma Mae…we’ve done Celebration in the Oaks, St. Charles Ave Mardi Gras Day, streetcar rides, sno-balls, walks at Audubon, shops on Royal, the Zoo and Aquarium, and the child has more Saints gear than I do!

    I can’t wait to hear what Emma Mae loves…now that she is almost two and can request her favorite activities in nola as well 🙂 Sharing my favorites are fun…doing what she loves will be the best!


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