Introducing Linzy, PR girl, crawfish addict & multi-tasker extraordinaire

My name is Linzy Cotaya and I am the author of I started blogging when my daughter was just a couple of weeks old. I started it as therapy for myself. As every mom knows, it is scary at the beginning. It is uncharted territory and there is a life at stake. I had no idea if what I was doing was right, if what I was feeling was normal and if I would ever sleep again.

My hubby was wonderful, but being the mom I felt differently. I felt that I was supposed to know things…that I didn’t. I thought it would be wonderful and blissful from the second she entered our lives. While it was wonderful and blissful it was wonderful in an I-am-so-exhausted-I-don’t-know-my- name-or-when-I-brushed-my-teeth-last kinda way.

I remember thinking to myself (because I would have NEVER said it out loud, then) what were we thinking…ready for a baby? No one ever talks about those dark moments when you are home alone on maternity leave, after hubby has gone back to work, where you find yourself sitting on the sofa thinking that you are the worst mom in the world because you don’t know how to make your baby stop crying. Yeah, well…that is the day that I started blogging. I started putting out there that I had no idea what I was doing and turns out…people could relate and I started to feel better. Besides, who wants to wallow alone?

As Baby Crawfish, my daughter who is nearly two now, started to sleep longer intervals, I resumed habits of the living such as taking regular showers, dental hygiene and putting on a bra. Things started looking up and I gained confidence in my ability to parent. It was not that I all of a sudden knew what I was doing; it was that I realized she didn’t have a clue. She had no idea if what I was doing was right or wrong. In her little world, with that cute little smile, she was my number one fan and I was hers. Together we were going to figure this situation out. And so far nearly two years in, being a mom has been amazing!

What were your first few weeks as a mom like?

We are the Crawfish family. I am married to Paul, aka Hubby. We are both NOLA natives, 29 years old and have been together since high school. There is no one who knows me better than him. Often times it makes me crazy that he knows me better than I know myself. We have been married for five years.

We are parents to Annelise, aka Baby Crawfish. She is, in our opinion, the cutest thing EVER! She has a passion for shoes, loves to swim and would spend every second of the day watching Cinderella if we would let her. She is an allergy kid which has its own set of challenges, but we are focused on not letting that hold her back. We are anti-bubble kid.

The number one question is….why are you the Crawfish Family? Well, that is easy to answer. My Hubby calls me Crawfish. He started doing this many years ago because I can practically eat my weight in crawfish. They are so yummy!


  1. Oh, yeah. Remembering the experience of our first child. My hubby was serving in the US Navy. We were three states away from family. Demand feeding verse schedule feeding, we tried schedule feeding. Baby was crying 95% of the time. Off to the doctor we go, imagining some horroable disease. Diagnosis, was baby hungry! For sure I was the worse mom ever!! Three grown married children and five grandchildren later, all happy healthy, leading productive lives. Linxy you are th perfect mother for Annelise.

  2. Oh, yes. Scared, tired, uncertain, overwhelmed, and filled with more love than I had ever experienced in my lifetime. Those first few weeks- when handing her to my husband was an olympic event, when we were too afraid to cut her tiny fingernails. Seems like forever ago, and it hasn’t even been four years.


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