Introducing Andie, Shutterbug & Shopaholic

Welcome to the New Orleans Moms Blog! I’m Andie – another fellow NOLA Mom!

When I was approached and asked to be a part of this great resource, not only was I flattered, but I also laughed to myself.  Any of my friends and family will tell you that five years ago, the idea of me becoming a mother, much less the contributor to a MOM’s blog, was pretty unlikely.

Every day, I am amazed with this little guy. Children are really such a blessing!

When my husband Scott and I discovered I was pregnant right after gaining our adoption approval, I remember being incredibly excited that we were being given that gift to share the joys of our life with our own little person.  During our adoption application process, we answered a questionnaire that included the question “What do you look forward to doing as parents with your child?”

For us, the answer to that question was easy. We could not wait to raise our little one to appreciate the outdoors and embrace life and all of its simple joys. We wanted our child to experience life through so many of the experiences we had during our childhood growing up in and around NOLA.  Now that we have our son, Andrew, and our schnihuahua, Maggie, we realize that all of those simple joys are so easy to experience as residents of such an amazing community.

I’m sure you’re wondering if “schnihuahua” is a real breed. I assure you, it is not. We adopted Maggie from a shelter as a puppy and later did a Doggie DNA test that confirmed she was 1/2 mini schnauzer and 1/2 chihuahua. She’s quite a character!

What is funny is that one of the prompts for our introductory post was to write about our perfect day as a family in NOLA.  Well, that certainly wasn’t hard to do! There is nothing quite like experiencing the distinctive character and history of our area than with my family; there are so many choices and options of what to do, it is almost too hard to have just ONE perfect day when living here.  In truth, living here is pretty darn awesome most of the time.

This is the most recent pic I have with my little guy- taken in July at our favorite beach in Florida. Like his mom & dad, he loves the ocean!

As I started to write my original post (am I the only person who will write and rewrite something 10 times?), I realized that growing up, I always took living in the New Orleans Metro area for granted.  I always assumed that everyone had an area full of history, natural beauty, character and great restaurants that they called home.  Having grown up in the River Parishes, I had access to several antebellum/plantation homes, a view of the Mighty Mississippi that was practically at my front door, and I was only a 20 minute drive from downtown.

One of our favorite ways to unwind as a family is as simple as swinging on our back porch while hearing the cicadas sing. By the way, have I mentioned that I adore these two?

Where else can you get up in the morning, take a bike ride on the levee along the Mississippi River and then stop in at the Farmer’s Market to “make groceries?”  Or, on any given day, have access to great food and enjoy the simple joys of  strolling down Magazine Street, riding the streetcar or stopping in Audubon Park for a picnic under the oak trees?  Of course, for our family, a perfect day would include taking the boat out for a little late afternoon fishing and coasting while watching the sun set over Lake Pontchartrain.

This is just one of the amazing views we have enjoyed while out fishing on Lake Pontchartrain or any of the other waterways in the area.

While Scott, Andrew, Maggie & I have a tendency to enjoy taking bike rides on the river, going fishing, and having picnics, we’re curious: What are some of those simple joys of our area you love to enjoy with your family?

Please share! We’re always looking for new adventures!


  1. We love taking afternoon drives through the city on a lazy Sunday afternoon (following Saints games, of course)…we have ended up listening to street music, finding cool playgrounds, in Audubon Park, getting snowballs…LOVE our city and wouldn’t want my girl to grow up anywhere else!

  2. we enjoy eating at some of our favorite northshore neighborhood restaurants, walking around outside and enjoying some of the fun places like the zoo, aquarium and hopefully soon when my LO turns 1 we can enjoy some new places that she wasn’t yet ready to explore!

  3. We aren’t living in NOLA right now, but when we take my daughter (soon to be ONE in a few days!!) home to visit her grandparents, we just enjoy spending time with the family and eating at some of our great restaurants. Now that she is getting a little older we hope to visit the zoo, aquarium, and stroll through the French Quarter. I can’t wait for her to try her first NOLA snowball!

  4. Andie,

    We love to go to the Hollygrove Market and Farm. They have such great produce! We also love to stop by the Julia Street Farmer’s Market on Saturday mornings and have lunch after at Lucy’s!

  5. We really like to ride the streetcar- and have done it alone several times and with each set of grandparents. The key it to ride it around the whole route because it can be tricky to catch it again if you get off.

  6. In the summer, we love to walk down the street to Sal’s Sno Balls and sit on the old tree stumps to enjoy a wonderfully messy treat! In the winter, Celebration in the Oaks is a “must do” every year as a family. Growing up my Mom took me to see the Nutcracker during the holidays and while we still go as adults (my treat this time) I can’t wait to bring my girls!

  7. So glad y’all started this blog, but y’all are making me miss LA! Hopefully I can meet everyone someday when I come in to visit family there!


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