Introducing Karen: South Florida Native Slowly Converting to Louisiana Lover

weston through july 2012 050Hello! My name is Karen and I am beyond thrilled (and honored) to be joining this fabulous group. I am a South Florida girl that loves Florida with an enthusiasm that rivals the way y’all love them Saints. Moving to NOLA was not something that ranked high up on my list of wants or desires. To tell you the truth, when I found out we were going to have to move to Louisiana for my husband’s cardiology fellowship I cried. The ugly cry. You know the hiccup-y, mascara streakin’, I’m gonna miss my family and friends, how am I gonna raise a baby by myself cry? Yeah, that was it and it wasn’t pretty.

The funny thing is that I really believe that certain things are meant to be. Once I got over my hysteria and pulled up my big girl panties (metaphorically, of course) moving to Louisiana has been a huge positive in our lives. I was able to temporarily retire from my job as a NICU nurse to stay home with my son Weston. While I truly miss my job (and certainly the money), nothing can ever replace these sweet months that I weston through july 2012 110have spent raising my son and exploring this dynamic new city of ours. My husband is receiving world-class (albeit time-consuming) training, and we have managed to make some amazing new friends. This experience, the forced independence, the ability to find our way as a family, I know we will all be stronger and better for it in the end.

Weston and I spend our days trying to keep up with the house and the laundry (this stay at home thing isn’t luxurious ok?), hitting the gym, meeting up with our playgroup, window shopping (I might have a bit of an addiction…I mean, doesn’t mall air make you feel better?), and visiting local parks. We adore the baby swings at Pontiff and have discovered the joys of Audubon Zoo. We also love the toddler room at The Louisiana Children’s Museum. During nap times I enjoy working on my personal blog where I write about our lives and review products for babies and Moms.

Checking out the elephants at Audubon ZooMy perfect day would start with the three of us – Evan, Weston, and I – at a jazz brunch somewhere swanky like The Court of Two Sisters (I haven’t been yet but heard it’s excellent). We would then come home with full bellies and happy hearts and ALL of us would take naps. After we lazily wake, we would head out to the Zoo to check out the elephants. When we returned home Evan and I would bathe Weston together and then I would put him to bed. I always feel less stressed about leaving him if he is asleep. The babysitter would arrive and Evan and I would head out for dinner and drinks. The Delachaise perhaps? Somewhere dark and romantic?  We would talk about our day and hold hands. We would sip wine and pretend that not a care in the world exists. THAT would be my perfect day.

Tell me … in the next few years while we call New Orleans home, what is your best advice for making the most of this fun city?


  1. We are so glad you are here!! It was wonderful meeting you in person Saturday. My advice would be to embrace this city and all of its quirks. There is so much that makes it unique. I think the best tale of New Orleans is Gumbo Tales, Finding My Place at the New Orleans Table. You will see how one woman living in NOLA for her husband’s residency learned that New Orleans was her “meant to be.”

    • Thanks Jen it was wonderful to meet you too! It certainly will be interesting to see what my “tale” will be! Certainly have enjoyed this fabulous city thus far.


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