If Parenting Was A Movie…

If you are a parent, you know that raising children is a roller coaster, whether you like it or not. Most days you love it; other days are like chaos … and some days remind you of a movie. Haven’t you ever felt like toddler bedtime is like “Catch Me If You Can?!”

For me, here is parenting … as defined by the movie industry.

if-parenting-were-a-movieGoing to Lamaze classes determined to have a natural birth … Clueless

Feeling those first contractions … Deep Impact

Giving birth naturally … The Tortured

Changing your mind and getting an epidural … It’s a Wonderful Life

Seeing your baby for the first time … Love Actually

Entertaining toddlers without TV … Practical Magic

Nighttime feedings … Dazed and Confused

When baby finally sleeps through the night … Just like Heaven

Dinner time with toddlers … The Gremlins

Date night away from home … The Great Escape

A trip sans les enfants Finding Neverland

Finding a reliable babysitter … The Gold Rush

The best babysitter … Mrs. Doubtfire

Going to work, sleep-deprived … The Walking Dead

Putting a toddler to sleep … The NeverEnding Story

Watching or listening to children shows … Half-Baked

Going to the bathroom on your own … Mission Impossible

Having a warm coffee on your own … Mission Impossible Part 2

Eating a piece of chocolate alone … Mission Impossible Part 3

A birthday party at an indoor playground … Jumanji

Helping with homework … The Da Vinci Code

Your Facebook Feed … The Truman Show

Going to the grocery store with the kids … Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Having that third child … Outnumbered: the Movie

Going to the pediatrician to get a flu shot … Armageddon

That moment when a video of your toddler smearing poop got viral … Almost Famous

Realizing your little girl is now a teenager … Freaky Friday

Trying to remarry after having children … How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

Mommy as seen by baby … You’re My Everything

Mommy as seen by toddler … Supergirl

Mommy as seen by child … He’s Just Not That Into You

Mommy as seen by teenager … The Devil Wears Prada

What movies remind you of parenting?


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