“Hey, it’s ok!”: Mom confessions we can all relate to

Mommy-Confessions-242x300This morning I used my son’s Theodent chocolate toothpaste. Yesterday he ate his breakfast (Earth’s Best French toast sticks are very portable) in the car on the way to school. I used to stress over all these little things but finally learned to say, “Hey, it’s ok!”

Much in line with my post about Wonder Woman, most moms strive to be Super Mom and ultimately resign themselves to the fact that it isn’t easy. Lately, Jude has been insistent on doing everything himself. Climbing up his step stool to brush his teeth (confession: I’ve forgotten to brush his teeth in the mornings a couple times), getting into his high chair and car seat, putting on his own socks and shoes, etc. This need for independence adds a lot of time to our schedule in the morning. This often results in carrying him and practically running through the school parking lot so we aren’t late…you get it. So, I asked other moms: What is your “Hey, it’s ok!” mom confession? Here’s what I gathered. Enjoy a good laugh, a glass of wine and know you’re not alone.

“I sometimes give my kids a ‘free’ night off from brushing their teeth. I make it sound like a treat for them but it’s really for me too because I am tired and ready to put them to bed!”

“I will sometimes fake pooping in the bathroom for 15 minutes and claim to be constipated so I can have time to myself.”

“I really enjoy chocolate while pregnant. I used to feel guilty but now I say “Hey, it’s ok!” 

“I drink Pedialyte to cure hangovers. I actually don’t think my kids have ever had it.”

mommy confession“My youngest child has been eating goldfish crackers since about 6 months old because I’m too lazy to stop her from taking them from my oldest.”

“I wasn’t a super clean person before, but I at least needed the house nice for company. With two boys I say ‘whatever, people will understand if toys are everywhere.’” 

“I wash my sheets in her baby detergent. It smells so good! I always bring pajamas to places we go at night so she can fall asleep in the car and I can just put her in her bed.”

“I still wear maternity tanks and PJ pants to sleep. The baggier the better. So sexy!”

“Those delicious cheddar bunnies call my name after my daughter goes to sleep. They’re so good and salty! And the same the next night. And the next. And about 50% of the time, she doesn’t get a single cheddar bunny before the box is gone. She never even realizes it’s on the shelf. So naturally we have to get another box!”

“I use bath time as an excuse to pour some wine and read by the tub because they are contained and playing.”

“I once drove to Baton Rouge just because I needed the break! I took them to the Toys R Us, then turned around and came back home. It was a delightful afternoon!”


“When my daughter was a newborn, it was anything to get to sleep.  Who cares if there’s spit up on my pillow?”

“Sometimes I pretend I’m asleep and don’t hear one of the kids crying so my husband has to get up and deal with it.”

“Santa can’t stop and leave presents if we don’t have any space for them. Therefore, we must go through toys and donate those we can live without. Worked like a charm.”

“I still breastfeed  my almost 2 year old every morning. I do not do this because I think I should, or because I want to, but instead because I am so damn lazy I can’t get out of bed in the morning (he wakes every day at 5:30).” 

“I let my son have sips of my iced coffee because it’s not worth listening to the whining.”

“I will take a few puffs for myself while the baby is eating them…they aren’t terrible and are super low calorie.”

“Sometimes I encourage my daughter to take a bite of her Easy Mac by telling her, ‘watch mommy take a big bite. Secretly, I just want a bite.’” 

“I may have told my husband that when he leaves his socks, shoes, and clothes strewn about the house that I dream of stuffing the same items in his mouth in his sleep….. these are confessions, right?”

“I gave my daughter Popeye’s when she was 8 months old because it was Mardi Gras and she kept reaching for it.”

“In order to get my daughter to go to bed and stay there, I give her 2 gummy worms every night. Parent of the year here.” 

What’s your “Hey, it’s ok!’ mom confession?


  1. Soooooo many I can confess to myself…Let’s see, I’ve used the chocolate toothpaste, Nathaniel is too young for it. The sitting in the bathroom and pretending to poop while I read a magazine, yep, giving Popeyes before even a year old- did that! Eats his cruchy poofy things from Gerber-ALL THE TIME!

    Great post…good laughs.

  2. The husband’s socks, LOL! I also use pedialyte as a hangover preventative, it works better if you drink it before bed, and I seriously thought I was the only one who used gummy worms as a sleep bribe….


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