I’ll Never Say Good-bye to New Orleans

final featured imageIf you have been wondering why you haven’t seen a post from me here on NOLA Moms Blog, or why you haven’t seen my pictures on Facebook while participating in the most recent events hosted by NOLA Moms Blog, it is because my family and I moved. In October, my husband got an offer for a great job that we just couldn’t turn down, and in November, we became residents of Houston, TX.

Just.Like.That. Whoosh! We started a whole new life in a whole new city. It has been a whirlwind with moving, the holidays, Nathaniel getting the flu, etc…However, I do apologize that I am just now getting to write this post to the awesome readers of NOLA Moms Blog.

Believe it or not, I began writing this post in mid-December, and it was titled, “Good-bye, New Orleans.” I couldn’t finish it then, and now I know why. It just didn’t feel right. That is not what I wanted to say. What I wanted to say is…

I’ll Never Say Good-bye to New Orleans. 

New Orleans will be in the red beans I put in the crock pot on Mondays,

The way Nathaniel says, “Do do,” when he’s sleepy,

The mornings I grab my “NOLA MAMA” necklace to wear for the day, and

The hugs and kisses on the cheek I’ll always use to greet friends and family.

New Orleans will be in the way we will search high and low or beg for good King Cake,

The way Nathaniel says, “Cheers Baby!” every time he’s got his sippy cup in his hand,

When Greg gets online during a Saints game to put on WWL because of the television announcers he just can’t take, and

The great sense of joy I feel when I meet another New Orleanian in this wonderful, yet new and different land.

New Orleans will be in the way I make and bring someone a meal when they are having a hard time, and

When reminiscing brings back memories of fun in the French Quarter and second lines.

New Orleans will be in wearing purple, green, and gold,mardi gras baby

Wearing black and gold, and

Wearing purple and gold.

New Orleans will be in the search for andouille for Greg to make turkey and sausage gumbo the day after Thanksgiving,

When Nathaniel points to a Fleur De Lis and says, “Fleur De Lis Saints!”

When I pop onto NOLA Moms Blog and feel inspired by NOLA Moms and the awesome “Mommy Lives” they are living, and

In the way my afternoon snack is usually a cafe’ au lait.

New Orleans will be in the crawfish boils in the spring,

In the way Nathaniel randomly kisses the Saints cup from which I drink,

When I go back home to Louisiana and turn on the news just to see “Eric and Sally Ann,” and

That the summer heat in Houston will feel pretty much the same as any summer to me.

New Orleans will be in the way I get asked where I’m from because, here, I have a “strange” accent,

In trips back home to see family and friends,

In trips back home to have fun at Mardi Gras and watch Saints games in the Superdome, and

The way Nathaniel can identify a football, a helmet, the quarterback, and Drew Brees.

baby saints fan

New Orleans will be in the way Nathaniel randomly yells “Who Dat?!” in the grocery store,

At the television whenever any football game is on,

In the middle of dinner, and

Basically any time it pops into his one-year-old brain, which I couldn’t love more!

Nope. I’ll never say good-bye to New Orleans.

This post doesn’t completely express every way I’ll keep New Orleans with me, but it’s a good start, and

Cheesy and cliche’ as it may sound, New Orleans will forever be in my heart.

I’ll never say good-bye to New Orleans, but I do have to say good-bye to NOLA Moms Blog, at least in a writer/contributor capacity. Being a part of this blog has blessed my life immensely, and I hope I have blessed yours in some way, too.

However, now I am moving on to another chapter in my life, and I’ll raise Nathaniel to appreciate his Louisiana culture, yet discover and celebrate everything our new city and our new state have to offer. I will love my family and friends, while connecting and sharing with others and making new friends. That’s what New Orleanians do! We don’t know strangers, and I will continue to live that way here in Houston. Loving, talking, sharing, writing, and teaching remain in the Cajun blood running in my veins, and will always be what makes me the mom and person I am wherever in the world God has chosen me to be.


  1. Amber, you are missed but I know that Houston is and will continue to treat your family well! I am sorry we did not give you a proper good-bye:(

    • Awe, thanks Ana, that’s so sweet. Yes, Houston is treating us well. It really is great. I’m sure it will feel like my second home, soon. Btw, I miss all of you, too:)

    • Thank you Myndee. Yes, things are going well here in Houston, and thank you for reminding me that New Orleans will never say good-bye to me, either:)

  2. i know exactly what you mean, living in Colorado. I’d add that it’s in how every car with a Saints sticker is an automatic friend; and how you want to yell “Who Dat!” when you see another (rare) Saints jersey on game day. As Chris Rose wrote, “You can live in any city in America, but New Orleans is the only city that lives in you.” Fleurty Girl has a Tshirt that says that on it. Someone should send one to Amber.


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