Gift Guide for Seasoned Newborn Moms

160404 Gift Guide for Seasoned Newborn MomsWhether you will be receiving or giving a “sprinkle” shower to a seasoned mom or forgoing this new trend, even experienced moms with more than one child need help preparing for a new addition. I have noticed very few resources for mothers expecting their second, third and onward. With every newborn, there are still items that even well stocked mothers still need. The following is a list of items and services to consider providing for the seasoned new mom. And don’t forget to also apply these do’s and don’ts when dropping off any of these goodies.

1. Meals

As a seasoned mom with first hand experience, this is the number one gift ever newborn family would appreciate and literally kiss the ground you walk on. Even if you have been slaving away the months before your due date and freezing meals, there is nothing more welcoming than a home cooked meal or prepared food being left for you and your growing family. It is a nurturing and caring gesture. Don’t like to cook or have your hands full wrangling your own kids? Consider ordering and having pizza or other cuisine delivered to their home. Or, chip in with other friends and have prepared food delivered. Feeling adventurous in the kitchen? Try this empanadas recipe that the newborn mom can enjoy with one hand.

Note: I have been known to use the “drop and run” method which means not ringing the door bell and placing meals in throw away containers or ziplock bags.

2. Help around the house

Consider a gift certificate for a housekeeping service or offering to have the family’s laundry done through a service like Fresh Express NOLA.

3. Bath towels

Every family addition needs their own towel. Kick it up a notch and consider a monogrammed hooded animal towel. They can last for years and personalizing it will help during chaotic bath times.

4. Diapers and wipes

Close friends of ours surprised us with bags of diapers and wipes. It was a god send because, let’s face it, you can never have enough. Want to personalize it? Consider making or purchasing a custom diaper pouch, a stylish and unique addition to any diaper bag at any stage of motherhood that easily converts into a future hand wipe or tissue pouch.

5. Bath essentials: body wash, shampoo, lotion, diaper cream

Every baby needs to be pampered, so why not assemble some of your favorite baby essentials that keep well into their toddler years?

6. Personalized Blankets

Each of our children has their own blanket, picked out by loved ones in various textures, colors and monogrammed that they use It is probably their most prized possession that has grown with them into their toddler years.

7. Burp Clothes

… because you can never have enough of these around your home, car and bags.

8. Personalized cards, gift labels and more

Wrangling even one child is difficult, but throw in a newborn and even the most experienced mom can run out of time getting the news out. Consider the gift of pre-purchasing announcements, family labels with the newest addition and more from local artists, like Kissyfish.

9. Gifts for the older siblings

Whenever friends, family and grandparents ask for advice when expecting their second or onward, I suggest to them to purchase a gift for the older sibling(s) and even say it is from “the baby.” The birth of a child is a big day not only for the parent but for the older sibling(s) as well. They are as giddy and excited as you are!

10. A photography session

For a couple of our friends expecting their second we have sent a gift certificate from our family photographer, Norris Gagnet Photography, to provide a newborn session in the comfort of their home. It’s a huge transition going from one to two and sometimes details like these are forgotten during those first few hectic days at home.

What other suggestions do you have?


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