Preserving family memories: a few tips & a giveaway!

First I would like to say: I am super honored to be here today blogging for New Orleans Moms Blog. Second, I’m thrilled you’ve taken a few minutes out of your crazy schedule to even consider reading this post. I promise to make it short and sweet but full of information for you…so let’s dive right in!

I am a people person, an achiever, a dreamer, a photographer and a musician. I love simple things in life like a hand-written note, a bottle full of izze, a desk full of sticky notes of things to-do and a medium order of chick-fil-a french fries! I could go on and on about things I love but to wrap it up I am passionate about photography and truly love capturing families/children and teaching photography. I hold several photography workshops throughout the year…one of which is part of the giveaway here at New Orleans Moms Blog!!! When I am not behind the camera, you can often find me on Facebook or Twitter!

Are you a mom that “always” has the camera? 

If you are…I’m giving you a round of applause right now! Memories and moments are priceless. I want to give you a few basic but valuable tips to rock your images whether you’re shooting on automatic or manual.

You are telling a story…think about:

  • What is your story?
  • What/who is your subject?
  • Who is your audience?

Fill the frame: the name of the game!

  • Get in tight
  • Watch all four corners because that’s where those crazy objects (like the neighbor’s trash can) will creep in!

Watch behind the subject!

  • Is there a tree branch coming out of their head?
  • Is there something in the surrounding area that doesn’t complement this story/subject? Sometimes we can simply move two feet or get down on our knees and eliminate the object that doesn’t complement our story/subject!

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One of the most often asked question I get as a professional photographer and teacher is: what dslr camera do you recommend I buy?

I still say the best camera you can have is the camera that’s on you. Yes, this means your iPhone/smart-phone. I use my iPhone allllll of the time for my quick snapshots and I am an instagram junkie (follow me @erin_rachel). Below you will find resources for iPhone prints.

I realize that’s not always what you moms are looking for!! You aren’t looking to be a professional photographer but you want to capture those moments and memories with your family! Here is what I recommend: Canon Rebel xTI or the equivalent Nikon D3100 (I am just a Canon girl!). You can get the “kit” lens that comes with the camera, which will give you a good all around wide/zoom angles. The kit lenses are not the best of quality, so don’t expect clean/sharp images. If you are wanting to get a clean/sharp image, go with purchasing one of the camera bodies mentioned above and purchasing a 50mm 1.8 lens.

Last but not least, let’s talk a bit about displaying your images!

  • Once you hang your picture on the wall, it becomes art, in my opinion. So is this image “art” in your mind? If not, stick to the framed 4×6 memory/moment and place it on a book shelf/mantle/desk etc.
  • Is the picture a winner and you feel like it is art? It deserves wall space and doesn’t have those foreign objects (i.e. the neighbor’s trash can we talked about earlier) then go big!  You don’t want your little 5×7 to be lost on the wall!  Go bigger than you think! Like 16×20 or larger! (check out my pinterest board for display ideas)

Bravo to all of you that are ever learning and capturing those moments and memories with your family! If you are wanting to learn more about your camera, shooting manual, learning what exposure, ISO and shutter speed, capturing moments not always poses, organizing and basic editing along with some practical sessions check out the.ONE DAY.workshop I offer. Be sure to jump in on the giveaway with New Orleans Moms Blog.


As a special treat, I am offering one lucky reader 50% off a ONE DAY workshop in 2013 (exact dates TBD), which is a savings of $87.50! I’d love to get to know you and assist you in your photography goals!

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Erin Rachel Wilson

Erin, who blogs about her life and photography adventures at Erin Rachel Photography, has only lived in a few different places in her 29 years of life so far, but she was born and raised a southern girl and calls south Mississippi home!  An order of french fries or pearls might you say are her two guilty pleasures. Quiet sunrise walks on the beach are her favorite. Her favorite camera of all time is her Canon 5D mark iii but the one that never leaves her side is on her iPhone. Why? Because she’s more interested in remembering moments than she is in taking perfect pictures. Maintaining her relationship with Jesus is her top priority. And if you didn’t know she love photography! It’s not just about taking pictures and shooting on manual; she’s passionate about capturing the moments that are precious and important to us. Her story cannot be summed up on a single page and neither can yours! She would love to be a part of your story. If you like the phone and want to chat give her a call. If you would rather not talk to a voicemail, send her a text. Maybe you would rather be in your pajamas at midnight laying in your bed; drop her an email or leave her a comment!


  1. I have a great camera and have read several manuals on how to use it (besides on auto) and I’m just not getting it! I desperately need help! I grately appreciate your tips! Thank you! And I love your photography!!!


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