Expecting baby number two: Excitement, fear and a leap of faith

baby 2

Moms know the excitement when you first see ‘pregnant’ or a smiley face on that lovely little urine stick. We look at them month after month, for ovulation and pregnancy testing and leap for joy when we finally get the news we were waiting for. After Jude turned two, Josh and I decided we were ‘ready’ to start trying for baby number two. I remember when I was pregnant for Jude and my dad told me, “You’re never really ready for kids. You just plan it the best you can. Nothing can really prepare you.” I get it now. We were married for six years before having Jude and are happy with the timing. Needless to say, having a child shook up my world. I loved this little person so immensely, but for months, feared my life would be perpetually crazy. It wasn’t, of course, and I got back on the baby train earlier this year.

Yippee! Pregnancy and baby planning

I love being pregnant. You can want to slap me for it, it’s cool. But after the first trimester, for the most part, I really enjoy pregnancy. People are nicer to you, you can use the ‘pregnancy card’ when necessary and your hair looks AHmazing. The glowing skin has yet to appear yet, but I am crossing my fingers. I enjoy my monthly OB visits and am super stoked about the ultrasound to find out the sex. We are truly happy with either. I love my little boy and think a brother would be so fun for him. I also think having a girl would be nice, along with the idea of one of each. We count our blessings and just pray for health, whether it’s snips and snails or sugar and spice.

A toddler and a newborn?!  Have I lost my mind?

IMG_1865There are moments when Jude is having a meltdown, pees on the carpet, throws food on the floor or cries because he can’t watch Polar Express for the 8th time today that I think, “Good Lord, what have I done? Can I handle this?” With my first pregnancy, I was blissfully ignorant. Friends and family could tell me what was coming, but I really had no clue. I know better now. I’m exhausted of course, because we all know growing another person takes some energy. Yet, somehow, I manage to put my big girl panties on and do it everyday. I keep reminding myself that the first three months are the hardest, and I am more emotionally prepared to handle it for my second go around. I know what to expect, and I know what I want to do differently so I don’t make myself a cuckoo bird. At times, I worry about how Jude will adapt and then remember what an easygoing, happy kid he is. He’s still a toddler, but he loves to help and be involved. I know once he gets accustomed to the change, he will love having a sibling. I see it with my friends and their children. Like in Ashley’s post about the transition from one to two, she tells it like it is!


Worry about nothing, pray about everything

My husband recently read me a prayer passage with that quote, and I have been repeating it in my head. As moms, it’s our nature to worry. Even about things that seem so trivial. While one minute, I am super excited to welcome our new addition, and the next minute, I am scared I’m in over my head. My best friend once told me, “If teenagers can do it, you most certainly can.” In all truth, I pray everyday that my children are healthy. We have a cousin Jude’s age, Grayson, in remission from neuroblastoma. Their experience really taught me to be humble, pray and count your blessings. God really does listen. Bottom line, I can’t wait for the this new chapter to begin.

Do you have any tips to share on the transition from one to two?


  1. You are going to be FABULOUS! I just re-read the post I wrote and I can honestly tell you that yes, it is still hard, but I barely remember them at the age in the picture! The time flies. My then 2 year old is now coming up on 3, and my newborn is now almost 1. Enjoy these moments and the pregnancy; we are going to miss it all one day!

  2. Ashley and I are pretty much in the same boat…I have a just turned 3 year old and a 1 year old in August…it was hard but man does it fly by and it gets easier in some ways and harder in others which every stage does. But when they are sweet to each other your heart will melt!

  3. Book a grandma (or two) for those first few weeks. Lots of grandma attention for Jack from the first day of Cora’s arrival helped him ease into the reality that our attention would need to be shared. It also helped me adjust to the biggest challenge of two which, for me, was one child needing lots of me at night and the other needing lots of me during the day!


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