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As any mom can attest, diaper rashes are quite possibly one of nature’s cruelest jokes. They can turn a happy-go-lucky baby into a screaming terror in minutes, and they can make a peaceful home suddenly crazy. We’ve been lucky to generally avoid diaper rashes in our house (knock on wood), but the few times that Thatcher has had them they’ve been zero fun for anyone. And what mom likes seeing their little baby in pain?

Moms themselves, Colorado Pediatrician, Dr. Gina Herrmann, and patent author/researcher, Jennifer Bartels, have spent countless hours pouring their hearts, time and experience into Cool Bottoms. We’re not sure what we love more: the fact that this fabulous company is based right here in Hammond, Louisiana or the fact that it is a mom-owned business!

Cool Bottoms® is the first diaper rash product to rely on the pH scale to relieve irritated skin and reduce redness and swelling. Thanks to the wonderful women at Cool Bottoms, I can personally vouch for the fact that the cream itself is fragrance free, cool to the touch and very, very smooth. My only feedback (which I’ve already shared and I’ve been told they’re working on) is the fact that it’d be amazing for this product to come in a tube (we all know how much fun it is to try to keep diaper cream off the carpet and clothes while wrangling a 25 pound toddler!). It did relieve Thatcher’s hiney (is it bad that I was secretly excited when he got a mild rash and I knew I had this post to write?!? Wait, don’t answer that!), and I will definitely use it more in the future.

One of our contributors, Jennifer, said “We loved it. It seemed refreshing but not so medicated like some of the other products. Plus, those to go tubes were perfect for the pool. We could apply and not worry about where to put the big tube in the bag.” (She’s referring to the sample size, which is definitely the perfect amount for being on-the-go). As an added bonus, you can support another local business and purchase Cool Bottoms at Majoria Drugs on Metairie Road (or online).

The company also makes a few other products, including NeutrapHor (a skin protectant cream), which, along with Cool Bottoms, Gina and Jen developed out of a pure mothering experience caring for their own children. Gina and Jen pride themselves on “making skin smile®” and are committed to overall skin health in children and adults. We are so appreciative to have Cool Bottoms as a generous sponsor of New Orleans Moms Blog and thank them for providing us with product to try on our babies’ precious bums!

We are also pleased that three of you will receive a gift bag that includes something for everyone! Inside the bag is a darling little Etsy toy handmade for Cool Bottoms (a black and white triangle penguin with orange feet – black and white are an infant’s best friend!), a 3 month supply of CoolBottoms® with pediatric samples (perfect for diaper bags), something for mom (a jar of NeutrapHor®) and EVEN something for dad (their new outdoor hands product GoodStuff™). All of this will be shipped directly to the winners, too!

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  1. Luckily have not had too much diaper rash with baby #1. We have used California Baby and Monkey Butt Paste though and they worked great!

  2. We usually use some sort of medicated diaper cream and do baking soda baths when Wyatt gets a diaper rash! He doesn’t get them often, but when he does he gets them bad!

  3. This is the best stuff ever!!! This is the only one my baby dont break out to!!! Wished it was sold at walmart so i wouldnt have to wait for it to come in.


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