Captured MOMents: Best Places for Portraits {from the archives}

Fall (and cooler temps – yay!) is approaching and with that comes the promise of the holiday season. Translation: it’s time to take those family photos for holiday cards!

Am I right? I remember when I was taking portraits, I would get many calls during the fall months for friends and family wanting me to capture a few quick shots of them for their holiday photo card. Often I would wind up in early December with my tripod, remote and family somewhere close to home trying to get a great photo since I was always busy taking pictures for everyone else; sometimes we even got our picture right in our own backyard!

While your very own backyard is at least one option for taking your family portraits, we have many others to choose from! One of the things I did frequently was travel out and about in search of unique, fun locations to capture great portraits of families. Our area is so picturesque that you don’t have to go very far to find a beautiful place to take a few photos!

Take the full trip down memory lane with us…



  1. I personally love the courtyard at the Jean Lafitte Historical Society right on Decatur. We discovered it by accident but stop there everytime we make a quarter trip to take pics by the fountain, to rest and have a snack and more importantly – to use a clean potty!


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