Beyond Potty Training: Teaching Kids How to Wipe

Disclosure :: This post is sponsored by Cottonelle, but as always, opinions are our own.

Beyond Potty Training: Teaching Kids How to Wipe

Once your child is potty trained, you may think you’re finished wiping butts. More often than not, that simply isn’t the case. I once had to ask a friend, “How do you teach them to wipe their butts?” I honestly didn’t know. I thought once we completed the potty training hurdle, it would be smooth sailing. Boy, was I wrong! Wiping, flushing, hand-washing. Once they are out of diapers, you have to teach them so many new things. I knew all of this before, but it wasn’t until I was done with potty training that I realized the real training was just beginning. If your child doesn’t wipe properly, it can cause irritation and even possible infections. I knew it was important to teach my kids to wipe thoroughly, but I did not know how. best flushable wipes

I soon learned about one of my favorite life hacks ever: flushable wipes. But what kind were the best and would not clog the toilet?

Enter Cottonelle’s Flushable Cleansing Cloths. These light weight flushable wipes were just the ticket for the part of potty training no one likes to talk about. Between these and Cottonelle’s toilet paper, I do not have to wipe any more hineys!

They are so simple to use, and they are truly flushable. I have flushed regular baby wipes before and nearly had to call a plumber! The Cottonelle cloths begin to break down upon flushing and should not cause any issues for regular sewer systems or even septic tanks.

I thought it would be very difficult to teach my kids how to wipe, but really it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

How to teach your child to wipe:

1. Get Flushable Wipes. It cottonelle1helps ensure your child is getting clean while he or she is still learning to wipe.

2. Teach your child to wipe front to back. It is extremely important to wipe this way to avoid any sort of germs getting from, ahem, the back to the front!

3. After using the flushable wipes, follow up with Cottonelle’s traditional toilet paper to keep the area clean and dry.

Finally, be sure to have your child wash their hands with soap and water after every trip to the restroom.

You can learn more about Cottonelle’s Flushable Cleansing Cloths and get a $1.00 off coupon from Rite Aid by clicking HERE.

Do you have any additional “teach them to wipe” tips? Let us know in the comments! 


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