Anticipating Baby :: Feeling Giddy, Nervous & Weepy All At The Same Time

Anticipating BabyWe can probably all agree that as your pregnancy wraps up, there are some things you won’t miss. But this is also a time of much anticipation!

As a soon-to-be third time mother, my anticipation is accompanied by experience and knowledge. But rather than these leading to trepidation or some other less pleasant emotion, I feel like the fact that I’ve done this twice before makes me even more appreciative of what lies ahead.

What makes me giddy

The special moment when I’ll realize labor is starting, where, for a few minutes, only I’ll know the big change that will lie so close.

Seeing that little ball of baby for the first time! What a crazy experience it is to grow and know someone so intimately, but yet to have never laid eyes on him. Will he have red hair like his brother and daddy? Brown hair like me and his sister? Will he have “meat pads” for feet like his brother or long, thin feet and toes like his sister? my older children meet this much anticipated baby! “Baby Luke” already is such a part of our family. He gets daily kisses, hugs, tickles; during story time, it feels like he already is in his spot in the middle, with big brother on one side and little sister on the other. We have a video of Jack meeting baby Cora and it will forever be my favorite movie to watch. You can tell he’s a little nervous; she cries, he sings to her, and she stops crying (!); he explores all her parts and keeps giving her hugs. I can’t wait to watch Jack and Cora get to see in the flesh this baby we’ve all only imagined.

The first night we tuck in three children. (Haha, yes I remember that the littlest one won’t stay tucked in for long!!) How absolutely crazy it will seem that we will have created a family of five!

What makes me nervous


But specifically, will I have enough energy to attend to everyone’s needs?

Will either of my older two feel left out or like Mommy has less to give?

The idea of going anywhere.

Nighttime. Will our 2.5 year old time her nightmares and night terrors for when we happen to already be awake with the baby? Will my husband and I have to sleep apart and divide and conquer?

The laundry

Somehow conceiving and producing meals

What makes me weepy

I am so appreciative of this baby. I think this partly comes from knowing that this tiny baby is going to turn into a little person over time, something I’m watching daily with my older two. I think this also is because this baby came shortly after a miscarriage last year. I feel like meeting him will feel profound, like my own personal answer to ‘why?’

Have I given anyone baby fever yet?


  1. Oh friend – I won’t lie. 3 is hard. So very hard. BUT it is also more love, more laughter, more joy, more of everything good on this Earth. I still have moments where I stop and think “what did I do to deserve ALL of this and why have I been entrusted with these beautiful little human beings?!”

    Plus also this :: “I feel like meeting him will feel profound, like my own personal answer to ‘why?’” is 100% true. Prepare for emotions again … but it will ALL be worth it, promise.


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