A Look Into My Week: One Mom’s Attempt To {Gracefully} Do It All

Becoming a mother is quite simply the most amazing thing I have ever done. The idea that my husband and I created these two gorgeous (albeit, energetic) little boys is such a miracle. There are days when I look at them and think, “Wow. I made that.”  That being said, I would be kidding myself if I sat here and acted like we have the perfect life with two perfect children and perfect jobs. I am beyond blessed – don’t get me wrong – but man are there days when I wish I could just stay in bed. Or just relax. Hell, I would be happy to pee alone and not have two children crying at the same time. Seriously, that should be against the rules of nature for more than one child to cry at a time. Are your days ever like this? Here’s a review of some of mine.

A Case of the Mondays

My husband works long hours (recently it was over 100 in one week) and is out the door before the rest of us are out of bed. Every morning, I get myself and two kids up, fed, dressed and out of the house by 8:00 am. Alone. I feel so accomplished when I am actually on time! My youngest, Elijah, goes to a sitter about 25 minutes away. I drop him off then back track to Jude’s preschool, so I spend about an hour in the car before I can head to work. I am particularly tired today because both children woke up last night, except in shifts, as if they discussed how they could best eff with our sleep. Eli (9 months) has also decided over the last 4 weeks that he no longer likes to sleep through the night. As for me, no sleep and a cold equals a cranky Angelina. I get to work (I own and operate an Anytime Fitness) exhausted by 9:00 am, then spend the day cleaning a gym, selling memberships and managing my business. Most days, my husband works late so the afternoon hustle to pick the kids up is also on my own. It’s often 6:00 pm before we get home, and I’ve failed to prepare dinner for the gazillionth time this week. Often I’m alone for the ‘witching hour’ of dinner, bath and bedtime. It’s 8:00 pm, my husband comes home after a 12+ hour day, and I have no food to offer and no energy for sex (I do really try to work on keeping it spicy). Clothes are not folded, and the house is a mess. I spend until 9:00 pm playing catch up, take a shower and try to go to bed. I was EXHAUSTED all day, but of course, I am wide awake now. Hurry up and go to sleep because you get to do all of this over again tomorrow. Ugh, it’s only Monday.

 Is it Friday Yet?

it's the weekendThe kids and husband have come down with the same cold I have. Well, isn’t that freaking wonderful?! I place an order for local produce through Good Eggs and pick up some elderberry syrup, local honey and Vitamin C from the local drugstore hoping to will our bodies back to health. I should call in sick. Oh wait, I’m the boss and there’s no one else to work for me today. Sorry, suck it up, princess. As the day goes on, I feel better and try to relish the adult interaction. I manage to squeeze in a quick workout before I leave to pick up the kids. Dinner at Johnny Sanchez tonight with my bestie, yay! I feel like crap, but I could really use a night out. Margaritas and some girl talk are just what I need.

I really should not have stayed up so late last night (11:00 in my book is too late on a weeknight). That alarm is going off WAY too early and why the hell don’t people sleep in this house?! At least the’s week’s almost over. Anddddd, I have a laundry list of things to accomplish. Start promoting our New Year special at the gym, work on the head pieces for my Cleopatra float,  grocery, bank. What else? Dammit it’s already 3:00 pm? I was so busy all day  that oh em gee, I completely did not have time to eat today. Protein shake and granola bar it is. Gotta leave work at a decent time today so I can try to make baby food and attempt to stop living out of laundry baskets.

Trying to be Wonder Woman

A look into my weekI hate to complain, but I suppose I never really say it out loud. Some days the alarm goes off and I just want to sleep for a whole day. Only other moms really know how hard and conflicting it can be. I want desperately to not have to be away from my kids every day and be home in time to actually make a nice meal. I managed it with one child; two children just really shook up my formerly organized, well-planned every day schedule. Some days, I dread going to work, even though it’s my own business. If I don’t do well this month, our income changes. Everyone is counting on me, and what if I fail? It’s so disheartening to have days where you don’t reach your goals in business and family life. But I am so blessed to have a supportive husband and family members to step in and help. I have to realize I can’t do it all and my best really is good enough. I have two beautiful faces to wake up to each morning (and the middle of the night) that make it all worthwhile.

What’s the toughest part of your week? The most rewarding?


  1. Those boys are worth every minute of the hard stuff to get to those good time! Like when they come cuddle in bed and amazingly you have the time to lay back & enjoy it!!!


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