5 Tips For A Magical Preschool Experience

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5 Tips For a Magical Preschool Experience

As parents, we do kind of have super powers. We can make our children laugh, do crazy dances with them, make a cave out of blankets Magic Garden for IGfor them, then grab flashlights to help them explore it. We often create that magic at home with out blinking or thinking. That said; how does one choose a preschool that creates the same kind of magic?

As the owner of the local preschool, The Magic Garden, I wanted to share five things you need to look for if you want your child to come home feeling like they had a day that was pure joy!

A Homelike Environment

This is your child’s first foray into the world. It needs to be friendly, warm, and completely welcoming. If school is like home then the child’s first preschool experience will feel familiar and make the transition that much easier. It should feel like a family, where your child can have a living connection with the teachers and the other children.

The teachers and staff at The Magic Garden are extended family. We strive to make children feel as comfortable at school as they are at home.

Amazing, Fresh Food

The food your child is being served is absolutely critical, but almost everyone overlooks it. This is important for two reasons, the first of which is obvious: good, healthy, freshly cooked food is what will help keep your child active and sharp.

The second reason is the one you probably haven’t considered. If a pre-school is willing to make healthy meals for your child every day, then they actually care about the children’s wellbeing and not just the bottom line.

At The Magic Garden snacks are cooked fresh every morning. We make vegetarian meals, which are organic when possible, and allergies are accommodated. Your family deserves that too.

Small Class Size

Your child is not a number. They don’t need activity books and tasks. They need individual attention so that their teachers can get to know them, and they can get to know their teachers.

Preschool is a place for your child to learn social interaction, and problem solving. In a small class someone is there every moment of the day to help guide them and ready them for the next step in their education.

Quality Toys

The indoor play area of the Magic Garden has toys that are made from natural materials. Unpainted wood, silk, and wool, with natural, warm colors. These are mostly handmade, with really great craftsmanship. They’ve got texture and life to them.

The Magic Garden teaches using the concept of “open-ended toys”. That means the child defines the toy with their imagination. A plastic pony is always going to be a pony, but an open-ended toy can be anything!


Finally, when you’re choosing a preschool, make sure it has a fantastic community. The parents should actually want to be involved in the school and get to know each other. A magical preschool will also have special events that really bring that magic out.

The Magic Garden has a Lantern Walk that looks like something out of a fairy tale. There is also a Spring Egg-Hunt (so cute!), and regular parent evenings. Families are encouraged to get to know each other and interact outside of school as well.

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Ready to learn more about The Magic Garden? Attend their Open House on January 16th 2016 from 10 am to noon. 


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