5 Christmas Gifts Teachers Will Actually Like {plus free printables and coupons}

Although my son is almost three, I still consider myself somewhat of a new mom. Each stage there’s a learning curve. Right now, it’s dealing with an independent toddler, potty training and healthy eating. I am learning as I go, asking for advice from seasoned moms along the way. One thing I have figured out is a routine for school and handling all that comes with it. Jude is in a 2 year old program, five days a week. Last year, we started him in “nursery” two days a week. In the beginning, I sometimes forgot his nap mat, enough diapers, etc. Now, I’ve got this on lock. When someone suggested we do a post on teacher gifts, I knew I had enough ideas and pins on Pinterest to tackle this one. I also asked a few teachers, to see what they REALLY want (and don’t want) for Christmas.

Gift Cards

This suggestion was the most popular from teachers. Barnes and Noble, itunes (fun printable for that here), massage/spa places, Starbucks/PJ’s if you know they like coffee. Local restaurants are great too, everyone loves food! Contributor and former preschool teacher Myndee said this was her favorite, especially Superior Grill. Co-founder Ashley said Zoe’s Kitchen gift cards went over really well, since the food is yummy and affordable. Since many people have multiple teachers to buy for, the consensus was that even $10 gift cards are appreciated.

Gift Bag/Box with important daily itemsteacher gift box

I heard this one from a teacher: gather items they could use on a daily basis and wrap it all up into one gift basket or bag. Include items like shout wipes, gum/mints, hand sanitizer, hand lotion, tums, coffee/hot chocolate singles, candy, deodorant,  band-aids, tissue, pain reliever, chap stick, etc. I made this one for my son’s teachers and included a Target gift card that read “Your teaching is right on target!” I used a Bento by Rubbermaid storage box that they could re-use from Target.

Tumblers filled with gift cards and/or treats

These are all over Pinterest, but here are the ideas I think they will enjoy the most. Fill it with Smarties candy and Sharpies markers, write on the tag “Thank you for making us smart and keeping our minds sharp!” Or pick a candy of your choice, some powdered drink packets or Starbuck’s gift card. Add the gift tag “Eat Drink and be Merry!” You can even use this cute free printable to include in the tumbler.

Hand Sanitizer and Soaps

I’ve heard they get WAY TOO MANY scented lotions and candles, but this is something they can always have around. Whether at home or in the classroom, everyone needs to stay germ free. I love the idea of tracing and cutting out your child’s hand on card stock and attaching it with a tag that reads, “Hands down , you are the best teacher around!” Can ya’ll tell I love cute tag sayings? If you do too, check out the ideas at Skip to My Lou blog.

Homemade Goodies

While some may say that teachers get a lot of these, I know this is often the most cost effective option for parents, especially those with multiple children. Make it yummy and super cute, so you can save some cash and make a stand out gift. Cookies are always easy and a crowd pleaser. If from scratch isn’t your thing, here’s a coupon for Pillsbury items. For the end of the year, I made Jude’s teachers chocolate chip cookies with the label “Thanks for making me one smart cookie!” You can get Chinese take out style boxes or cookie tins  in the dollar section at Target. I once received a hot cocoa mix in a mason jar, with instructions on preparation for 1 serving at a time. I’ve since found this recipe that would be great for making and gifting. You can purchase a 12 pack of mason jars at Winn Dixie, Target or Wal Mart for about $9.

What are your favorite teacher’s gift ideas?


  1. As a former kindergarten teacher, I’d say those suggestions are spot on, although I’m not so sure about the home baked goods because not everyone can throw down in the kitchen! One year a family gave me some really nice stationary and a bottle of wine, which was really sweet!

  2. I have it on good authority (my aunt is a teacher) that a tervis tumbler filled with candy is the best teacher gift ever! While Pinterest projects are thoughtful, gifts like tumblers are useful and appeal to almost everyone. I will be giving them to all the caretakers in our life! Thanks for the tips!

  3. Great ideas Angelina! Since this is the first time Addison’s in “school,” I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out the perfect teacher gifts. I think we’ll play it safe with the gift card idea for this year!

  4. As a former teacher, I can confirm that we get a lot of lotions and scented candles. Gift cards are always so nice, especially since teachers often earn modest incomes. One thing that several of my classes did was all go in together on one big gift card. One mother organized the collection of money and bought one big gift card to the mall or other shopping center, a really nice restaurant, or a cool shoe store or spa. Not everyone participated because some wanted to give personal gifts, but it made it easy for many busy or cash-strapped moms because everyone didn’t have to shop, and you didn’t have to give a lot towards it for it to add up! I also had small groups of moms (like 5) get together on one gift card. Just a twist on the many gift card suggestion.

  5. As a teacher, I’ll add that everything is appreciated because it feels good to have your hard work recognized. I’d add that the best gift is a note from the student saying something they enjoy in class. Those are the things you keep forever. I’d add on to the last post who recommended collecting money as a class to put towards a gift card. Rather than pay $20 for a candle, which truthfully may end up being regifted, a gift card allows us to satisfy a need. But again, the thought behind the gift is always appreciated. Thanks!

  6. I always get a small poinsettia w/a tag that says something like, “thank you for making my girl bloom!” And do the collection of parents for 1 big GC
    I also sell 31 & their lunch bags & totes are amazing.

  7. Wonderful post! I am not a teacher but a parent of 4 kids who tries to give something small to all our teachers. I always say that a $10.00 gift card to Starbucks, Target or even a nail salon (manicures can be $10. at some places) with a hand written note(or picture) from the child giving the gift, means more than any junk they’ll probably regift. For a few years now I have been giving monogrammed beach towels at the end of the year & I can say that they’re ALWAYS a huge hit! Just rack up on the beach towels when Target sells them for $6. & you’re set! I mean, who doesn’t love a good monogram?!?! 😉 Its just easier for me to spend more money on 12 teachers at the end of the school year as opposed to during Christmas.

  8. The only thing I would add would be some alcohol! It really needs to come from “that parent” to make it all special but these suggestions are perfect.


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