10 Secrets to Share with the Mother to Be {from the archives}

A couple of weekends ago I attended a typical New Orleans baby shower for a cousin. The mother-to-be looked radiant in her brilliant blue dress, there were fleur de lis embossed blue mints, napoleons on the dessert table and, of course, mimosas and other savory treats. We were asked to write down our advice on blue cards as she started this new chapter in her life. As she opened one beautifully smocked romper after another, including one with alligators and another with crawfish, I could not help but ask myself what advice I wish I had been given. Exactly twenty-six months and three days ago, my life changed in every facet, but for the better. I expected sleepless nights, endless diaper changes and nursing challenges. However, there were a few daily surprises I wish my girlfriends, and those mothers that preceded me, would have shared in preparation for the most exciting, yet challenging, time in my life, motherhood.

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