The Back to School Blues…For Mom

With school starting back this week, I find myself looking for something to do during the day, even though all summer I’ve been excited and waiting for this day to come. Getting uniforms and school supplies together for the big day, I’ve been waiting for this BREAK. Some me time back, some time to actually clean the house, some time to spend with our youngest son.

But I already miss our summer days together! I miss sleeping in and going swimming almost everyday and making turkey sandwiches with mac and cheese. I miss nap times on the sofa and wet towels hanging off our front porch. I miss messy popsicles and baths in the middle of the day. The summer flew by way too fast, and I know a lot of parents are ready for their kids to start back at school. I was too, in some way, but now that you’re back in school, I miss having you around.

I didn’t think I would feel this way. I thought I would catch up with friends, get some rest, and maybe work out. But now I’m getting to car line early and ready to pick you up. I know this is a new chapter in our life, but being home with and enjoying our days will be a chapter I will always hold close to my heart. As the new school year starts, I just look at you and hope the best for you. I hope you make friends, learn a lot, and grow!

I do have the back to school blues because I enjoyed you needing me this summer and our long endless days spent together. Walking you into your first day is a day I know you’re ready for. I know you’re ready to not need me. I have the back-to-school blues because each year you get older and older and grow up faster and faster, and as that happens, I know you need me less and less. To all the kids starting school this year, I think of them! And to all the moms learning how to let go, I feel your joy and pain. Let the new school year begin; we can do this, mamas.


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