A Guide to Developmentally Appropriate Gifts {For Elementary Aged Children}

A Guide to Developmentally Appropriate Gifts {For Elementary Aged Children} Sponsored By the Little Pnuts Toy Shoppe

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Rhino Hero Game (Price: $12.99)

Rhino Hero

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Super Rhino! No building too high, no street too dangerous for this caped crusader, as he scales buildings and patrols the city protecting the citizens. On his quest for safety, he must use caution as even the most solid buildings may start to sway and wobble. Can you help Super Rhino accomplish the challenge to build a skyscraper as tall and solid as can be? A heroic 3D card-stacking game for 2-5 players.

Logic Dots (Price: $21.99)

Logic DotsWhere is the golden dot? Choose a challenge and then place nine colorful cubes into the frame according to the instructions. Children receive only a few clues, so they will need to use their deductive reasoning skills to solve each puzzle. The goal is to line up all the dots in order to win.

Abstract Art Workshop (Price: $31.99)

A complete abstract art workshop that will allow children to experience the fun of artistic abstractexpression and the magic of modern art. Enjoy creating four different pictures inspired by the modern art of Paul Klee with 12 different colors of gel pastels. Children will follow directions to blend colors for a beautiful effect in this truly creative and entertaining project. The set comes with everything needed to create each masterpiece.

Pirate Skeleton Excavation Kit (Price $33.99)

Pirate Skeleton Excavation KitChildren will enjoy digging out pirate bones and putting them together again for a real buccaneer’s fossil adventure! This kit includes a pumice stone block with skeleton pieces buried inside. The included digging tools, brush and chisel, will help make this kit feel even more authentic.

 Top Secret Spy Kit (Price: $19.99)          

Children love to play dress up and even more so,  head out on the SpyKit2perfect adventure. This Top Secret Spy Kit is the ideal for assisting your mystery sleuth in uncovering the secrets of the case at hand while hiding out in the perfect disguise.