A Guide to Developmentally Appropriate Gifts {For Ages 6-12 months}

A Guide to Developmentally Appropriate Gifts {For Ages 6-12 months}

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Pull Along Toys: Giraffe (Price: $19.99)

Giraffe (1)Little ones can take this little giraffe for a walk. Small in size but big in charm, this adorable wooden pull toy from Sevi rocks along sounding a gentle bell that is safely concealed inside. Great for pushing when still crawling this little giraffe is also wonderful at helping little ones with balance and coordination while learning how to walk.

Hape Push Toys: Lawnmower (Price: $24.99)

LawnmoewrA gentle push or pull makes that familiar putt-putt sound to keep tiny feet in motion and imaginations churning. Push toys are great for little ones to practice concepts such as fast/slow and forward/backward. The Lawnmower has an “engine” of blocks that pleasantly clack around when the toy is pushed or pulled

Sea Life Bath Set (Price: $19.99)

Sea Life Bath Set

Splash and make waves in the bath with this set. The fun never ends! Float them on the water, fill’em up and squirt the water out. Set of 4 animals: Shell, Starfish, Turtle, and Dolphin. A wonderful little set that helps to foster hand-eye coordination as little ones try to chase and capture these little friends.


Discovery Box   Price: $39.99

Discovery BoxDiscovery Box by Hape provides excellent educational value by engaging children in activities that stimulate the cognitive, visual and tactile senses. Included is a bead maze on top, and abacus that encourages counting on the side, a play clock for developing color recognition skills, a silly fish with eyes that can be moved any direction, and a fun doggie mirror to reflect smiles. Five sides of activities keep little hands in constant motion. So much to do in so little space.

Puzzle Oski   (Price: $19.99)

Puzzle OSki

A wonderfully colourful 5 animal lift out puzzle made of wood and felt. The animals are chunky and bright, and slot back into the fabric covered board with ease, making this a perfect puzzle for little hands. The little animals can also be used without the puzzle for free play.