A Guide to Developmentally Appropriate Gifts {For Ages 3-4 years}

A Guide to Developmentally Appropriate Gifts {For Ages 3-4 years} Sponsored By the Little Pnuts Toy Shoppe

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Dynamo Dominoes (Price: $35.99)

Dynamo Dominoes

Little ones will love to build a colorful trail with these 100 wooden dominoes. They can add a bridge, bell, rails, and assorted tricks that make each trail even more exciting. Tap one rectangle and watch them all come tumbling down. There’s no right or wrong way to build your domino trail, they will make it different every time. A wonderful set that helps to foster creativity, focus, patience and strategic thinking.

Ball Track Basic Set (Price: $109.99)

Ball TrackWho would think problem solving could be so much fun? An exciting marble rolling game that is both educational and fun. Hardwood blocks with grooves, and holes are combined in a variety of ways with the end result of 6 marbles ringing the bell to signal success. Helps educate the laws of structural engineering and stimulates spatial thinking. Additional sets can be purchased separately to keep the creativity growing.

Vanilla Balance Scooter  (Price:  $99.99)

Vanilla Scooter

Your little one will be the coolest kid on the block with this gorgeous retro Vanilla Scooter. This Wooden Vanilla Scooter Balance Running Bike helps little ones to learn how to maintain their balance helping them to learn how to ride a bike without  the use of training wheels.

Magnetic Block Set (Price: $34.99)

Tegu 14 piece setLittle ones will love letting their imagination run wild with magnetic block sets. Each wooden block has a magnetic built in for helping keep those structures sound. Encouraging imagination, creativity and patience, each set will keep your children buy at play for hours on end. Additional sets can be purchased separately and added on for additional play.

Mayberry Manor Wooden Dollhouse ($229.99)

A charming dollhouse, with a reversible roof panel that doubles up as a beautiful garden to place at the front of the house.  This dollhouse features large bay windows, porch roof and converted loft windows. mayberry manorThe interior has lovely partitioned rooms and unique decor, giving your little ones large spaces to personalize. Designed to inspire imaginative play with plenty of room for children to be able to play together at one time, and features the wall dividers for the children to have fun exploring and creating imaginative stories for the different rooms. Accessories can be purchased separately.