A Guide to Developmentally Appropriate Gifts {For Ages 1-2 years}

A Guide to Developmentally Appropriate Gifts {For Ages 1-2 years} Sponsored By the Little Pnuts Toy Shoppe


Redmaster Magnetic DIY Tool Trolley (Price: $99.99)

Redmaster Trolley

Leaky faucet? Broken table? This portable wooden trolley has everything your mini-repairman or woman needs to get the job done. Inside you’ll find three magnetic tools (including a hammer, screwdriver and wrench), 18 accessories (nails, bolts, you name it), one vice, and four turning gears. The best part is, this pint-sized tool trolley comes on wheels, so kids can dash off to their next repair without missing a beat. This all-in-one tool trolley is the ultimate fun station, fostering an early love of pretend play, and encourages little ones to figure out how things work.

 Fabric Baby Dolls (Price: $29.99)

Mali DollBaby dolls are the perfect companions for your little ones. Fostering imaginative play and nurturing techniques, the perfect doll makes learning fun. These fabric dolls are ideal for toddlers and can be easily washed after days of being loved. The clothes are also removable, with additional clothing sets available for purchase.

Wigglefants Game (Price: $29.99)


Stacking up the fun with the Wigglefants Stacking Game! Perfect for fostering fine motor skills and problem solving skills, stacking games are both educational and fun. The adorable, brightly colored elephants can be flipped upside-down or placed right-side-up to create silly structures. The set also includes 5 double-sided, super sturdy templates that show patterns of varying degrees of difficulty for your child to recreate. Build from the templates or create brand new structures during free play.

Little Observation (Price: $23.99)

Little ObservationNine beautiful butterflies are flitting around the table. They have such pretty, bright color combinations! Little ones roll the dice and see two colors appear. Now look at the butterflies – which one matches the colors on the dice? Grab it first and get a butterfly token! A fun game where children practice their observation skills, learn how to take turns and understand cooperative play.

Pound & Tap Bench (Price: $29.99)

Hape Pound & Tap Bench

Tink tink tink! The sound of wooden balls pounding down onto a musical xylophone is sure to delight and enchant your child’s curiosity! Pound the wooden balls down onto the xylophone and listen as a musical scale plays aloud. Little ones will love sliding out the xylophone to play on its own, and learning about the different sounds with this early melodies introduction to musical arts.