A Guide to Developmentally Appropriate Gifts {For Ages 0-6 months}

A Guide to Developmentally Appropriate Gifts {For Ages 0-6 months}

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Stroller Chains  (Price:  $27.99)

Pixies World Stroller Chain

Great for strengthening the eye muscles and learning about the world around them, stroller chains are an asset in keeping baby soothed and learning while going on traveling excursions with you.

Clutching & Teething Toy Magica  (Price: $14.99)

MagicaHABA’s clutching and teething toys lead the industry as the safest in children’s wooden toys world wide. This hand-crafted Magica colorful clutching, teething, wooden toy is easy to grasp for the young children’s hands. The size of each of the eight wooden balls is approximately 1″ and the entire wooden rattle is approximately 4″ by 3″. Tightly and securely fastened together Magica will be sure to last through the rigors of your child’s playtime

Play Book Nature  (Price $15.99)

Playbook Nature

Both colorful and playful this small fabric book is created with small fabric parts. Soft to the touch this little book will attach to any stroller or play gym. Playbook Nature promotes the discovery of different items in nature and stimulation of the touch sense.

Little Leaf Fabric House Book (Price: $34.99)

Little Leaf Fabric BookThis soft baby activity book is full of surprises, inspiring baby to explore and discover. Comes with two finger puppets to expand the experience and make fun for all. Enjoy encouraging your little one’s imagination to blossom.

Happy Quartet Soft Block Set (Price: $14.99)

Happy Quartet Blocks

This fabric block set is perfect for baby’s first blocks! Not only do each vibrant and colorful block make a different sound but they are also super soft! Your child will love pushing, grabbing and stacking these!