Why Our Family is a Kindermusik Family


We began Kindermusik when my twins were 3 months old. I was a new mom staying home with my boys, and I was eager to get outside and explore the world with them a little.  Our local New Orleans Kindermusik school, Kindermusik with Madeline, offered baby classes, and I jumped at the opportunity.  My boys couldn’t do much in those first few months, but they loved listening to the sounds of instruments and voices. They reveled in shaking the instruments and beating on the drums. And, I so enjoyed getting to experience these new sensations with them. As far as baby classes in the city go, Kindermusik is the gold standard. I loved how it wasn’t rushed or crammed. Madeline introduces the material thoughtfully and gives the babies time and space to explore and let the experience marinate.

Both the curriculum and the pace of the baby classes are developmentally appropriate and you can tell Madeline has put a lot of thought into the structure.

We would attend the classes once a week, but we would also find ourselves using our Kindermusik online portal to listen to songs and recreate the class activities at home. I found playing and interacting with my babies tough at first, and Kindermusik really helped me focus on activities that were developmentally appropriate and fun for all involved.

My twins are about to turn 2, and we are beginning our 3rd level of Kindermusik classes now, and I’m amazed to see how they have built upon each other in developing our boys’ curiosity, language skills, and love of music. When they began, they were babies sitting in our laps taking in the sights and sounds. Now, they are hopping like bunnies to music and playing their first instruments to the beat of the class singing.

If there was a baby or toddler class in New Orleans, you can rest assured I’ve tried it. (I live for getting out and about with my guys!) But, the one that I recommend time and again is Kindermusik with Madeline. And, it’s not just because of the great curriculum. The heart of what makes the program so special has been Madeline’s knowledge of child development and her patience with both parents and children as we figure out all of the stages together.

I always describe it as a class as much for me as it is for them.

Whenever we had a particular struggle or question, I would discuss it with Madeline who always had a way of giving me information and soothing my soul at the same time. She has shown great patience with my boys as they experience the ebbs and flows of growing up. And, she has made herself open and available as a resource to parents. Her classes are a nurturing environment to those of us who are just trying to figure it all out.

Kindermusik has helped my boys to thrive, and I really do believe it’s made me a better and more patient mom. It’s the one activity I’ve consistently done for the past two years, and it is a priority in our family that we hope to continue until they age out of the program when they are six.

I’m so grateful to Madeline for giving the biggest and the littlest members of our family a space and a place to figure it all out together.



We are a Kindermusik Family!

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